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time to add more miles




Well bike riding when it's 104 outside, isn't my idea of fun, so i've been slacking a bit. time to get serious...feel i need to be able to ride at least 40 miles before aug 24, that's over 1/2 the distance...then I can fake the rest. Good news is that I was ale to figure out the grade of the hills on the livestrong challenge bike ride in philly and they are like some of the 'easier' hills here in Austin...so if i have to walk up the hill it won't be that bad! i'm thinking of the ride as five 14 mile rides...if I would spsend more time on the bike than figuring out how fast/slow i can ride and still finish in the 8.5 hours, I probably wouldn't have a problem w/ the ride, but I can't really ride at work, so to procrasinate, I work big math problems! kinda scary!

My stroke survivor bike jersey came in last week, it looks awesome! Can't wait to where it on the ride.

time to go back to procratinating...




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