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It has been a long time since I have had any time off from work- especially considering I get 5 weeks per year- and I finally get to start a vacation at the end of this week. I have been trying to decide what is the best thing to do with this time off, and I am having a hard time working out.


We had been thinking about taking 2 days and going to Colorado Springs and doing the tourist things there. It will still be pretty expensive though, and part of me says I should just stay home and save the money. Then I talked to my mom the other day and have become very concerned about her. I feel a burning desire to go "home" and be there for her, but the plane tickets have all been outrageous. I am currently trying find a hybrid-rental car and driving the 13 hours to get there. The worst thing is I have to be in Colorado for a training meeting smack in the middle of my days off so it makes it more difficult to work out the logistics of it all.


It stinks being excited about having time off and feeling like you can't spend it doing what you want to or need to.





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