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just an update




hi everyone, i know its been awhile since i blogged, but time gets away from me more it seems these days. i have my days fairly busy it seems with my volunteer work, answering emails and chatting with my friends. now the Olympics are on. and i find myself glued to the tv. i am so proud of our athletes and how well they are doing. they work so hard and give up so much to get to where they are. i find myself comparing survivors to the athletes. in how hard we have to work to get where we are in our recoveries. its amazing to me that we are working so hard to recover from an injury to our brains, that we didnt ask for. the athletes are working hard on something they love to do and have been doing for years. my point i guess is there is hard work in everything we do in life. the rewards are just different. sorry i got to rambling here. my son matt is moving on with his life. they had they're meeting and agreed on the terms of the divorce meaning each gets what they want. he has signed the papers now she will have to. matt starts back to school in a few weeks and has starting playing his drums again, OMG, my nerves. but thats ok it keeps his mind busy and he loves doing it. so i wont complain. hes been working more too. hes lonely and my heart breaks for him. time will help i'm sure. marc my oldest is doing well and just getting ready for the baby. tiffany is getting big now. he is going to be a big baby and she gets to have it the easy way,LOL good for her she just sent me some new sonograms pictures of the baby, its fun to watch him grow this way by sonogram pictures. my son wants me there when the baby comes. so maybe matt and i can go to texas at that time. i can't wait. i also want to get back and see my dad and other family members. my brother is having to relocate again to tulsa ok. he will be closer to my dad then, so that sounds like a reason for another road trip.WOOHOO well see how things work out. keep your fingers crossed for me. i need a vacation, i need to go somewhere.LOL

my niece is on her own in illinois and my nephew justed started college at purdue. they have an empty nest now. so moving wont be to a big problem. he works for a great company that will fly the kids out to them 3-4 a year. we lived in tulsa growing up as kids. he works for a natural gas pipeline company for 27 years now. his wife is tired of moving but she will be closer to her family too now. shes used to moving in the past 10 years. thats about all my news. sorry this is so long. i wish all who reads this, better days ahead in their lives, peace love and hugs to all.




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You've got a lot going on girlfriend, but it's all good grandma!! What more could you hope for :) Glad to hear Matt is doing better even though his method of therapy is a bit rough on you beats moping around. Better days are always ahead.

Maria :hug:

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Hope you are able to go and be with Marc and your grandbaby once the stork is due to arrive. Though you're too too young to be a Grandma.


Glad Matt is adjusting - the drums are a good release for him but not for anyone else lol. To bad you don't have a sound proof room to either place him into or you to escape to. Once school starts for him, he'll have another distraction to keep his mind off the divorce and Tonya.

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no wonder you blog less, you are busybee & that too with background drum music I am sure it's hard to concentrate on anything. I am sure you might be looking more foward to school starting. I am sur as time psses on & Matt finds someone better, he will realize maybe that first bad experience prepared him for best yet to come. congrats on your upcoming grandma title. there is saying in India "interest(grandchildren) are better than deposit(your own kids)




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WOW! A Christmas letter in August.


It sounds like everything is good. Enjoy your grandbaby when it gets here. Are you buying pink or blue?



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Congrats on the grandbaby... hope you and Matt can make the trip to Texas.. How bout some ear plugs fof you....


Hopefully once Matt is in school and studying again the drums will be a little less often.


you are busy... and you have your furry babies too...



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