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Aminal adventures




(yes, I spelled that wrong, on purpose. I's a silly girl!)


I went to the kitchen to get a snack. All the lights were out, except from my bedroom, so things along the way were just highlighted. Near the patio door, there's some stuff from when I went shopping that I haven't put away yet. I saw a couple of little lights near the floor, thinking it was just reflections off the water bottles. And then they moved! :yikes:

The foster cat, who's black, was laying on the black 'runner' rug by the door. Maybe I should use white rugs, until she gets adopted! LOL


Oh yeah, and earlier today, I got to feed a hummingbird by hand! ...sort of.

I had just taken the feeder down, to go refill it, when the bird came buzzing to the patio. Poor thing flitted from the pole the feeder is usually on, over to the wasp trap (which has been empty & hanging against the wall for years), and went back to the pole. Aawww! So I stepped back out to the patio, and held up the feeder, because I figured clambering up the step ladder would scare it off (plus, I didn't want to bother with that anyway). It came over, and took a drink, not seeming to care that I was so close. Then it zipped off, and I finished the task of getting more juice in the feeder.


....I just got the hiccups. Now I'll never get to sleep!



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