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A forbidding vision of the future?




Many years ago, when Teddy was just a puppy and we were returning back to Colorado from Arkansas, I had a very 'sick' thought. We were driving through Kansas, in the middle of nowhere. As we were driving I had a very odd thought. I could very easily just pull off to the side of the road, dump Teddy out of the car and just keep driving.

Even thinking about that now upsets me. Obviously, I did not do it but ,I find it interesting in a way that is what my family did to me.

I thought about what would happen to Teddy: Most likely he would have gotten run over, or killed by a predator.

However, if he did survive, what would he be like.

Basically; I recalled I had a responsibility to Teddy and even far more important was Teddy trusted me.

The situation with my family is close to coming to an end, but that thought still haunts me.

I did survive, but my bitterness and hurt is very deep.



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Yes, you had and have a responsibility to Teddy. But even more vital is the unconditional love you have for him and that he has for you. Shame that sometimes families do not have that unconditional love for each other. We cannot change others, only ourselves.

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this is the first time you seem to have thought along these lines in a long time. You seem to be doing so well buddy. Keep looking forward don't look back. You're moving in a positive direction keep going that way. Keep blogging and telling us about Teddy, we love to hear about him and it will keep you focused on something you love and makes you happy.


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As thers said sometimes our own hurts us bad but only thing we can change is our response to situation. yes family abandoned you & that hurt does run deep. but you are still doing so great with Teddy in your life. It's amazing to see strength you possessed to get over adversity in your life. you have come quite a long way friend. life is great when we can still look at the positives in our life. you & Teddy are blessed to have each other in their life




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