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my baby is now 16




My baby turned 16 years old on 8-15-08. The day was met by me with mixed emotions as in 2 more years she'll be graduated from High School and college bound. I won't talk about the emotions right now as I can't type and proofread through watery eyes.


We went to Auntie's house for the celebration with family. Dar baked and decorated the birthday cake in a "Kristiwood" theme after Kennywood Park (our area amusement Park). Kristi has been there several times this summer and loves it there. The cake was totally edible, including the rides.


In the pictures, you'll see Kristi with her new hairdo, a birthday present from my best friend/adopted Sis - Deb. We went to Deb's house for the weekend (8-8,9-10). I also got redone (badly needed cut and perm). After our girl's day of beauty appointments and shopping, we had a cookout and a bonfire for the up-coming birthday girl.


Only drawback of the weekend was me negotiating the sofa where I slept (low to floor and very soft). Getting off the sofa was a huge challenge but I refused assistance and conquered it myself. After getting home I was very sore for a few days but it was well worth the time away.


I was worried about leaving my "girls" home for the weekend but all went very well and there was no damage done. Crystal at 8 years old has been left before but Lili has not. There were no injuries or missing hair on either of them so that was a good thing.


School begins on 8-28 - Junior year in High School - dang I'm getting old :Tantrum: - summer went too too fast. I've been "training" this summer to work up to when she goes to college. She's been busy with friends and family going away many weekends. All has gone well for me but I've decided that once she's outta school and gone I want to move somewhere more easily accessible for me to get in and out independently and to be more self-reliant. If only I could 'train" my "girls" to take out the trash and do laundry :roflmao: .



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Hello, Donna

I truly enjoyed the birthday photos. Kristi is a beautiful young lady with a great new "do."


Enjoy your next two years with Kristi. Once they leave home, it becomes a different relationship. For me, it's

been great as I remain close to both of our daughters.



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Such a beautiful girl...rather obvious why she's a heartbreaker.


I'm so with you dear. This 16 and junior year thing is a bit too much reality for me. Just steer very clear of the baby pictures, it's emotional suicide - nothing like the power of suggestion right? Well at least in 2 years we'll have each other to commisterate. Maybe we can hook them up and keep them forever. Let's see mmmm a dog, a dead hamster buried in the backyard, he's clean, not much of a dowry, but a real good kid and in 2 years I bet we'll be distraught and desperate enough to give it a shot. Well be fine. We made it through kindergarten graduation we can do this.


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Kristi looks so pretty. Time just flies by isn't it. but I am sure between you two things will be just different even though she might be at college, for her you will be forever her Hero. As Maria says we will have our own support group here when our kids will at college.




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Thanks for sharing... Wooooo HOOOOOOO ... what a cutie and I know she is a sweetie.


Happy Birthdya... belated.. looks like you ha a good day.. and cute cake...



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what a great blog! kristi is lovely! i am sooo happy that the birthday celebration went so well. it is these times that make the hard work of recovery worth it. keep training. cheers! kathy


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hi sweetheart, pictures look great and looks like all had a great time. it's so hard when our babies grow up and away from us, isn't it. she's a pretty girl donna with a smart head on her shoulders. as maria said don't look at the baby pictures yet it only makes it worse. just remember we all are here to help you through the transition when she's ready to leave for college.

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