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my 1st blog






well this will be my 1st blog after 2 yrs of joining strokenet. i have met some wonderful people on this site. i had my stroke on 10/25/01. i was at work, working out at the gym when all of a sudden i felt strange. i knew there was something wrong. i told one of the workers at the gym i felt there was something not right about by body and she asked if i wanted the paramedics to come and i said yes. the paramedics came and took me to a nearby hospital. i don't remember anything after i left the gym.


i don't remember being airlifted to a 2nd hospital. meanwhile my family was notified and there was a mad dash to get to the hospital. i was in that 2nd hospital for 2 weeks and then transferred to a 3rd hospital where i received my therapy. i was pretty much out of it until i got to the 3rd hospital. i had many visitors, family who came from colorado, south dakota, oregon and new york. friends from work also. my mother-in-law stayed with me at home, helping me get stronger, doing my exercises and walking. what a great mother-in-law!


i thank god for my husband, daughter, sisters, sister-in-laws, brother, and friends who helped me come back to where i am today. i can drive using a left-foot accelerator because my right side was affected. i had a rough road as anyone with a stroke has had but i am a survivor! i thank god everyday for this wonderful site and great many friends i have met. bessy, kimmie, asha, nancy, and memory in particular. i thank god everyday for them because when i'm feeling down, they lift me up.






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Welcome welcome to the blog community. We're so glad to have you with us dear. The support of family and friends is key for recovery.

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hey Bree:


you made it in my wonderful blog world, where through your blogs I get to have window in your life. I totally agree with you support of family and friends is very critical in early stages of recovery, though what doesn't kills us makes us stronger and better person. I am so thankful to my stroke. because of it I met wonderful true friends like you and others on this site.




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bree, welcome to the blogging world. i am so glad you found this site and we have met each other. we all have found the messagener, which is alot of fun now that i understand the darn program,LOL. you and bessy both cheer me up if i am down, so i thankyou for that too. maybe we will see more of you now on site. you are a sweetheart and i enjoy you.

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