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My Husband made me do it




It just goes to show life aint over after a stroke. Even though for a moment I thought it might be. Please check out this video of me, Patrick, and Brandon. Things we do for love, huh?

Please be patient, it seems to take a moment to load!





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I just loved the happy laughter, I'm guessing that was Patrick having the time of his life! And you and Brandon survived the experience, another happy "bonding" occassion.


So do they say :"The family that sways together, stays together"?



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wow what a fun experience. did you guys did these at grand canyon? BTW being bald has its own added advantages we can see Patrick's face clearly. hey I can make fun of bald people since my own hubby is bald & I love him dearly. Post stroke like is glorious since we all know first hand how easily we could have lost all these moments. I agree with Sue family sways together, stays together.




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We did it at the Royal Gorge in Canon City Colorado. The gorge has the world's highest suspension bridge you can walk over or drive over as well. You can see the bridge in the background of the video. I am not sure, but I suspect it is considered the highest due to altitude rather than how high it is off the ground. The sky coaster (the ride we did in the video) pulls you about 200 feet up before you free fall. Then you swing out over the gorge which is another 1200 feet below. It's a beautiful place to visit!



I like the laughing too (Patrick), and I think you can hear me moan in fear shortly after I pull the release cord. I'm glad I have video proof I did it, because it's never happening again. Patrick WAS having the time of his life. Brandon has been very "cool" about it and I wish his hair wasn't covering his face the whole time so I could see his expression!



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What a bonding experience for you with Patrick - WhooHoo. Not sure I'd have been that adventurous as you guys though lol. The video was super and the scenery fabulous.

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OMG I don't think I could do that .... for any reason...... I guess you didn't loose your lunch LOL


Good for you guys !!!!!



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