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Hi Everyone


I just don't know where the time goes but it seems to go really fast. I just realized that it has been a while since my last post and peeked into the J Room to see if there were any new posts.


Well there were and here they are.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:00pm on August 26th, 2008

Today has been a great day Mr. Kyle took his first step!!!



Darlene Jay wrote

at 8:49pm on August 31st, 2008

Hey everyone Kyle is having a lazy weekend lots of movies and sleeps. Hoping the day will be nice as planning a trip to Morell tomorrow.



Darlene Jay wrote

at 4:52pm

Kyle is doing good today wasn't feeling well on the weekend but now better. The right side continues to get stronger and his body does as well. Just a note to tell ifanyone is trying to get into see Kyle do not ask at front desk, just come down to unit 5 and there will be no problems.


I also wanted to say that I had gotten in to see Kyle on Monday August 25th. I found him looking great and I walked with him from his room in Unit 5 to the Physical Medicine area where he was scheduled to do OT.


While there I visited the PT dept to get a look at the Lift Gait that Kyle is using to try to get his brain to understand walking again. I talked to my PT Bev Fay and she asked if I would volunteer to be on a new list that is being drawn up of former patients to use the device to see if we can effect more progress in our gait. For example for me I might be able to effect a more natural knee rotation which could help me to walk more naturally.


Also I have talked to Kyles grand father and grand mother several timse in chance meetings around Montague and they are very pleased with the progress that Kyle is making.


They are always quick to acknowledge the support Kyle has received from his stroke survivor buddies.


Also on the 25th I visited the PEI Heart and Stroke Foundation office in Charlottetown. Chatted with Charlotte and Cathy about the challenge of encouraging support from government for a Stroke Unit for the province.


I committed to talk to as many of the politicians that I could to help them to see the value of such a unit being established. The main challenge of course is the 2.2 Million Dollar annual operational cost of upgraded staffing and training for the eight Stroke Unit beds. If anyone can suggest information and or resources that might be helpful in making the case to the politicians please feel free to share them with me. I would really appreciate it...thanks.




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That is wonderful news about Kyle starting to walk - brought a tear to my eye. God Bless him.


And God Bless you Gary for the work you are doing there as well. Hope things can getting moving in the right direction for a stroke unit for the province.

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great news with Kyle. I get amazed by your determination to gather support for stroke unit in province. have you talked with Steve he might have good ideas about how to go about with politicians.








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