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100 things about me




I just wanted to resurrect an old blog entry to regenerate interest in doing the list thing. My 100 things about me you didn't know was typed in March 2005. Others were doing the list thing and it was fun trying to come up with 100 things.

Consider this a challange to you to make your own list. :wink:

Well, since I couldn't figure out how to republish my original list, I did a cut and paste.


Originally Posted on , Mar 5 2005, 10:11 PM


1)I have curly/wavy hair

2)my husband and I were both 31 when we married first time marriage for each of us.

3)I don't eat organ meats(eg liver, gizzard, heart, etc.)

4)I'm 5' 8 5/8 " tall and shrinking

5)I've had the same hairstyle for 25+ years....if it ain't broke, dont' fix it... is my motto

6)I have many interests thus many piles of stuff sitting around..a pack rat

7)prestroke I ran my own photography business out of my home for 18+ years

8)my favorite part of photography was/is weddings...I love the romance

9)my son is 20 years old and drives me crazy, though that is no secret(now he's 24 and turning into a wonderful young man)

10)never mind what I weigh, it's too much

11)I have my hair colored brown, my hairdresser says it's a 'stain'she puts on my hair....it is the same color as my hair when I was younger

12) I'm the youngest of my family...I have a brother who's 10 years older and a sister who's 6 years older than me

13)I've always had a cat.

14)One of the things that convinced me that my husband was the man I wanted to marry was that he had a cat. He had named her Kitty, I renamed her Gracie because Kitty is too generic

15)I don't enjoy sports on tv or live. The closest sport I would say I enjoy is football live...because I enjoy the band halftime show. Secondly, I enjoy watching the olympics.

16)I played French horn in high school and Flugelhorn in marching band.

17)I majored in music in college because it was 'easy' for me...didn't cause me tho have to think about what it was I wanted to do.

18)I went to college for my MRS. degree and only got a BA in music education.

19)My favorite color as a child was pink.

20) Now , I love blue and purple and red.

21) I never have been nor do I have an interest in being domestic...ie, I don't cook very well, I do have a few good recipes....Martha, I am not!!!!

22) recipes have to be easy for me to follow

23) I usually wear jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt(now-a-days, I wear short sleeve only.... hot flashes...menopause)

24) my mom died in 1999 of a heart attack when she was 80.

25) my dad is still alive born in 1917 ( He died in 2007)

26) I didn't realize what a romantic my dad is/was till this past year

27) One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom.

28)my favorite season used to be winter, because I love(d) to ski...now after my stroke...haven't tried it, plus I'm too big to fit my ski clothes and would have a difficult time getting up if I were to fall while skiing.( Now, I like winter best because I don't overheat as much.. you can always add clothes and you can only take off so many clothes before it's indecent for warmer weather)

29) I am very much pro life!!!!!

30) I majored in music and played piano in college.

31) in high school I was considered by most to be the most musically inclined and the 'top dog' but when I got into college I had a rude awakening, I was no longer the top but was surrounded by many other great musicians and was just another fish in the pond so my ego was shattered.

32) in college, my piano teacher would scream at me "relax" when I played my pieces for her in my lesson.....didn't she realize screaming 'relax' at someone creates the opposite affect?

33) my parents went to square dancing and round dancing and ballroom dancing.... I never learned to box step... I had/have no talent dancing but would love to learn

34)My best friend from jr high was/is deaf she married a deaf man,too they never had any children

35) I was not a virgin when I married.

36) I was 17 when I got my first kiss

37) I smoked pot and drank beer in college.

38) I became a born-again christian in my junior year of college

39) I never joined a sorority because I thought they were all a bunch of snobs.

40) my photography business had me shooting partypics for sororities and fraternities where I learned that yes, there are a few snobs but most were actually nice people. There's always a few rotton apples in every barrel. Yes, I got to see a lot of drunks. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

41) I never wear a dress anymore...last time I remember was Mother's Day the year after my son was born.

42) I don't shave my legs as a result of not wearing dresses. Hubby never complains.

43)my sister never let me play with her and her friends, I can remember a time her qnd her friend slammed a door in my face to keep me out of their lives.

44)when in grade school there were no kids my age in my neighborhood so I spent a lot of time playing with our cat...dressing him up, etc. poor kitty

45) I went to Israel,Switzerland, Italy with a church tour group back in 1978

46) after graduating college, I substitute taught and hated it, never got to know the kids or fellow teachers..so felt all alone

47) I worked in a factory for 8 months third shift making plastic window shutters...quit when it started to get too hot for me.

48) I taught head start 2 years.

49) I worked for a realtor for a year traveling the state gathering information about who's selling and buying from the county courthouses.

50) just before I got married Iworked in the office of a wholesale garden supplier(I kept that job until my son was born).

51) I can't stand anyone being cruel to animals or people, children especially. I think the same should be done to the offender as he/she had done to their victim.

52) I enjoy romance comedy movies.

53) I enjoy suspense/who-done-it tv shows.

54) If I had unlimited resources I would love to have a 'home' in Colorado and at Key West.

55)my favorite flower is the rose.

56) I don't wear anything that has a yellow tone in it...green, orange, etc... yellow makes me look sick

57)my favorite fruit is a nectarine

58)I prefer athletic shoes to hardsoled girly shoes.

59)the day my son was born I had back labor pains, the hospital was re-tarring the roof that day so all I could smell was tar....yuk!

60) I used to be a pretty good singer..alto Now, I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Guess it's true, if you don't use it, you lose it. This is a result of the stroke and smoking, so it's half my own fault.

61) I took German for 2 semesters in college...did well in 1st semester, was told I would get an ok grade 2nd semester if I promised not to take any more after that.

62) my favorite restaurants are Olive Garden and Texas Road House

63) my favorite lunch place was Big Apple Bagels until they closed up here locally.

64) I used to consider myself as almost pretty, now I'm old, fat and ugly.

65) I deeply love my husband....I feel privilaged to know him...he's a very giving and kind man.

66) I cannot understand my husband's choice of friends...drunks and deadbeats.

67) my house is tan with blue trim

68) I drive a Honda Accord 5 speed

69) the first time I drove a stick shift was in college, I had been at a German party drinking...and had to drive uphill and stop for a stoplight at the top of the hill(that was an interesting moment)

70) I love to wear my diamond and my saphire ring that was handed down to me from my Great Aunt Flora.

71) I don't put any stock in astrology or fortune telling of any sort.

72) I like to be organized, I just can't get it going, I feel I have no place to put stuff.. I have too many interests and thus too much stuff.

73)one of my cats has claimed my computer printer has his perch..so when I want to print something out, I have to lift his 20 pound body off the printer, hold his attention till the item is printed and then let him go.

74) the other cat likes to lay beside the food dish and reaches into the bowl for a crunchy and pulls it out onto the floor beside him to eat it, it's too much work to stand over the dish to eat

75)I enjoy feeding the squirrels and birds in my back yard

76)my motto is there's always room for chocolate...probably why I'm too fat

77)I wish I knew the reasons why things happen

78) I am picky when it comes to shopping for clothes and etc. I've been spending the past 4 days trying to find a purse I like, I've been to 30 stores, traveled 280 miles in my quest. Since then, I found a store that specializes in purses..she gets knock-offs that are really cool.

79) I am a conservative republican

80) My favorite music group when I was in college was the Moody Blues

81) I hate to have to relay information to people, I'd rather not be the middle person and have them talk to each other directly

82) both my cats have a fetish about the garbage cans.. they like to knock the waste baskets over to see what's inside.

83) I have never been a morning person.

84) My favorite 'adult' drink is a fuzzy navel or a margaritta. I hate the taste of beer now.

85) I resent being told I can't do something that I know I could do.

86) I have hazel/blue eyes.

87) My ideal of a man is Mel Gibson...handsome and strong enough to stand up for what he believes and follows through.

88) I easily get confused, this was true prestroke as well.

89) I would rather call a friend than write a letter.

90) I've only been pregnant once. I feel lucky to have been in my' wild years' in the 70's and not the 80's or 90's.

91)I used to sew all my clothes in high school and some in college, but who has time for that anymore? I'm sure my sewing machine is frozen up now from lack of use.

92) when I played piano, I was limited to the written music, never was able to improvise( no blues or jazz)...

93) I would love to travel in the US as well as abroad.

94) I'I have and will never shop on the internet or from HSN or QVC.

95) I have never 'been gambling'

96) I've never had a nickname..ecept my brother teasingly called me Squeaky because he would teas me so much I' squeal. One of his pals from high school used to pick me up by my ponytail. GRRRR

97) I love daffodils outside in the spring.

98) I love trivia..of all kinds

99) I learned to love algebra in high school because a teacher took the time to explain it to me on an individual basis.

100)I have an inny belly button.






Recommended Comments

Janice, no sense in me doing the "100 things..." list. There aren't 100 interesting things about me.


Loved your list though.



Well, make a list of 50 or 20 or however many you can come up with. You might be surprised if you just take a few minutes. lol

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