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Tootie is going to join the Upward Special Needs Cheerleading Program at one of our local churches. The program won't start until January but we need to complete the application and turn it in as soon as possible :Jumpy:


The church also offers a basketball program but my daughter and Tootie's dad want Tootie to be a cheerleader :cheer:



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hey Elondie:


yor daughter is keeping Tootie's calender quite full. your daugter is great mom, It's good idea to introduce kids to lot of activities, and something somewhere will click and Tootie will find out what she enjoys the most.




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Hi Elondie,


I think it is absolutely wonderful that your daughter and Tootie's Dad have Toottie involved in these programs. The family's support and encouragement of her will teach her an invaluable lesson in life - Never EVER give up your dreams and that life DOES go on after stroke.


She'll be an adorable cheerleader - Give me a T, give me an O, give me another O, give me a T, give me another T, give me an I, give me a E......

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TOOTIE :cheer:

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It's great that Tootie has the opportunity to try so many different activities. It's great therapy and a wonderful learning experience. She'll get a flavor for many things and then be able to decide what she likes and wants to pursue.




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i agree elondie. expose her to as much as they can, she will succeed, i am sure. our little tootie never ceases to amaze me in what she can accomplish. we want pictures in her cheerleading outfit too. she is a special child to all of us. rah, rah,rah. you go get them tootie.


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Your not going to hang us up until January for pictures are you? You know we need to see pictures of our Tootie dressed up for Halloween!


Maria :friends:

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Oh Maria, you are so funny :lol:


I just put some pictures of Tootie at gymnastics in the gallery :kicking:


We haven't decided what Tootie is going to be for Halloween but I promise to post them :tongue:

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