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True faces revealed




My biological rellted units finally revealed to me the way they really feel about me. I was talking to my maternal unit, and mentioned that I was happy in the Air Force and she reacted as if I told her my eyes were brown (they are blue,) she said no I wasn't. She later informed me that my brother gave me a job, as if it wasn't for him I would be homeless. And for me the final straw that really broke the camels back is that I am basically a drunk and it is only a matter of time until I start drinking again. At first, I was very depressed and hurt, but once the reality set in, I got mad beyond believe. :Argh: On Monday I filed a probable fraud to the SSA about my male sibling unit, and started discussions with a lawyer.

I also went on Google and found a very good job lead in Virginia. It is doing Imagery Intelligence, which is what I did in the AF (the time I was so unhappy). I am more than qualified and really hope I get the job.

My maturnal unit has alzsheimers, and it is getting worse. Although he was the main source of my abuse, I think I will still call him on Saturdays, but I devenitly have a whole new perspective of him.

I talked to my counselor today and she is going to check into finding me an apartment and called to the county social services about getting the $3000 my male sibling unit stole from me.

Also, if I am able to get the job in Virginia I will start a completly new life, giving my address a phone number to only a select few.

It is really odd, but when I had my near death experience I first felt a sense of anger and power, and I was told I had been betrayed. I really did not understand it at first; but now I know.


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I don't think you really learned much that you didn't already know. Maybe just the slap of the reality of having it verbalized which no one has had the guts to do before which certainly has to hurt to hear because there's no longer even the sensitivity to spare your feelings. That might not be such a terrible thing though...it may just be what you needed ~ it may be the rock bottom reality you needed to hit with this so there's no more wrestling with it in your head.

I'm sure you know what you think of yourself is most important. You've proven to yourself to be a very strong man. Stay on the wagon Good luck with the job prospect and be happy...you seem to know best when you are.


Maria :friends:

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