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Last days of summer




Well, we finally are having lovely weather. According to the weatherman, fall starts on Monday, so we're finally getting a summer that's enjoyable. Ususally, every fall, Hubby and I go to Gaysmills, Wisconsin for the apple orchards. That's a fun trip because of the beautiful fall color along the Mississippi River that we cross on our way to the orchards.

I have a couple favorites of apple varieties: Jonathon or Jonagold, both are a sweet/tart apple with hard flesh. Even though the apples have somewhat a long shelf life, I never know how many to buy. Then there's the problem of where to store them so they don't rot before we can use them. The basement is usually cool and dry so that's a good option, ususally. However, this year our basement is still torn apart from the flood we had back in June, so most things that usually belong in the basement are scattered throughout the house and out in our garage. It's a real mess. We've been waiting for the carpet layer to find time to lay the carpet in the basement and stairwell. Well, now that his time is free-ing up, we don't have the money to pay him for the job. Anyway, it will all work out, though I don't know how just yet.

Hey, I was just looking through the emoticons and came across this one :aussie: Though I can't figure out why the hat makes him an aussie. Is that some sort of stereotyping? I would have thought the guy with the hat would have fit the hillbilly better, but that's just me.


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Janice, this is an Aussie emoticon because around the brim of the hat are strings with corks atached. At the shake of the head the corks flare out and frighten away the flies. If you had ever been to Central Australia in hot weather you would know how annoyingly "sticky" the flies can be! So you either wear a fly veil ( very uncool!) or some kind of hat that will keep the flies off your face, which is why the hat with the corks dangling from it was invented.


I've had the problem of when the tradesman is finally ready the price is higher and the money has run out. Hope you can get it all fixed up soon.



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