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Anyone else blogging?




It seems there are only a couple people who are currently blogging. I wonder if that's because everyone else is so busy they haven't had time, OR is is because they have nothing to talk about OR they don't want anyone else to know what they're thinking????

Perhaps I'm about the only person without a life and who spends her/his time dinking around on the computer. :Typing:



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you are not only one. I used to blog everyday but it was always about how good my life still is post stroke that I decided to give break to other blogreaders who might get diabetes due to my blogs. I no get huge benefit by reading other's blogs, and realizing life don't have to end after trauma.

It is just different.





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Janice, I only do about six blogs a month. There is only so much worth blogging about as Ray and I spend more time at home because he is so easily fatigued and we are slowly leaving the main street of life.


Probably when people have finished winterising their homes they will have more time to blog. A lot of our regular bloggers from two or three years ago have gone back to a near normal life, some back to work, some moved on.


I read a couple of dementia sites with forums as well as this site so there is plenty of different questions for me to ponder over in a day.



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I fit in all the categories you mentioned except not wanting anyone else to know. In fact sometime today I plan on writing one about what to expect in New Orleans for those using wheelchairs or scooters as I do, who may plan on visiting soon.


I spend a lot of time on the computer too, just not everyday, while others may play games or searching for things to do around the house I'm at work. I'm like on a 3 day mini vacation but because of death of a family member of my wife. In fact Monday was my first Blog since about June.

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