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I've become an old GEEZER!!!




If someone who checks the obituary notices in the local newspaper is a definition of an old geezer, then, I confess, I have started to scan the obits for familiar names.


2nd If going into another room only to forget why I was going there defines an old geezer, I'm there.


Any other ideas of definition of an old Geezer? Maybe this would better be posted in a forum for open discusion.



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You're only as old as you feel. There are days when I feel older than dirt itself lol. Could it be your spare time used to be filled caring for kittens and now that Momma cat is fixed there are no babies around. Maybe you need to adopt a lil darling to liven things up for you. Or perhaps chase hubby around the house.

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All us old People Greeters at walmart have a saying,"Well I read the obituary page, didn't see my name, so I came on in to work!" I suppose we are "old Geezers" so maybe you are in training to join us?


When our time come to go "clock out" and go home we remember we didn't once we get home and still got the keys in our pocket, I guess we are glad the day is over?

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