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Going on respite




I am pleased to say I am going to have a break.


Son Steve & family came down last Saturday for a few days as the kids are on 2 weeks holiday. They left Wednesday, Steve could not get his dad to change his mind and go into respite while I went to the country with the carers support group so he told me he wanted me to have this break and he would look after his dad.


He will come down on the Mon night, I leave 9am Tuesday morning 7th Oct and come back 5pm Friday 10th Oct. His wife Jenny said she did not mind as they know I need this break, it will be the first break since he had his stroke over 16 months ago.


Here is a link to the place where the carers are going to, all paid for


The Cumberland Marysville and Villa Day Spa



all I have to take is spending money for extra drinks and souveniers etc. I am even booked in for a free massage as that is covered by the community/government program for carers.


I feel so grateful to have a caring son like him and that our daughter in law understands, she is a lovely girl. The live in the country 3 hours away from us and they have 4 kids 17 boy, 15 boy, 12 girl and 10 year old boy.


I can't wait until next week. :cloud9:








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I am so Happy you get to go... You need and deserve a break.... I am sure your son will do wonderful.. and a good bonding/memories time for both.


I am also very lucky to have a great daughter in law and terriffic son in law..


Have fun and relax........Bonnie



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The getaway sounds marvelous! I went out to the web site and it looks like a very serene location. Please rest both your mind and body as much as you are able to really get the most out of it. Also, being with other caregivers and interacting daily will be a blessing. Relax, enjoy, have fun, and share in some laughter (which is good for the body and soul).


We would love to hear about the getaway when you get back home. Have a safe trip!



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I am thrilled for you. Bless your son for agreeing to stay with his Dad so you can get the well deserved break. Enjoy your time away and enjoy the massage - sounds wonderful.

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that's such a wonderful news. I am so glad you are going to this meeting, you need that break & you are fortunate to have great son & daughter-in-law who understands that. I guess you have raised your son well.




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Thank you

I am looking forward to just being able to look after me for a change and not have Bill following me no matter where or what I am doing. He does not let me out of his sight. If I go to hang washing on the line he is at the laundry door looking out ... blocking it so he has to back out from the doorway to let me back in. So it will be good to be with other carers listening to how they cope.



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