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Missing In Action




Sorry I've been missing-in-action lately.


The daily saga with DH's health continues.


After two incredibly bad weekends (with him not feeling up-to-par and his fsubsequent foul moods) peaked on Tuesday, when his blood pressure dropped to 80/60. (Normally with a bag full of meds, his BP runs 140/80).


It was an inconvenient as could be, with me being the only one in the office and it being the final day of the month, with billing to be done after 5pm.


But there we were, on the line with the VA for nearly an hour trying to talk to a nurse and then trying to get an appointmen (after an hour on the phone I was told he should be seen in the ER).


So off to the VA we went. Admitted to the ER where, after an IV, an EKG, and another ultrasound on the carotid arteries, they came up with...........nothing!


The good news is they couldn't find a reason for the drop in BP.


The bad news is they couldn't find a reason for the drop in BP.


And so goes the story of life after a stroke.



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welcome back as soon as I see your blog I expect Rowe to update his with recipe. life goes on with good, bad & ugly part.




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Hi Susan


I'm glad to see you back, sad to see that Rolley is experiencing more problems. Has he been having regular blood tests? That is how Ray's doctor usually gets onto his problems.


Ray's last hospital trip resulted in a three week stay, he has been home three weeks now and is almost back to "normal" except he is now on thickened fluids to avoid future bouts of aspirational pneumonia. His blood pressure drop was daignosed as anaemia caused by chronic kidney disease, caused by meds for diabetes etc.


We just keep going from day-to-day. We don't look for trouble but it finds us



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