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Trip of a lifetime (for me anyway)




On 10/5 I got to go to Texas Stadium and watch the Cowboys beat (although it was very close) the Bengals. I have always wanted to go to a Cowboys game and to be able to go to the stadium in its final year!! Very exciting! :Clap-Hands: My husband bought the tickets for me in September as a late birthday gift. I think it was the greatest thing I've ever recieved! :laughbounce: He knows how much of a fanatic I am about the Cowboys. I had to fight back the tears when I finally saw them run out on the field. :happydance:


For me, this is one of those things that I can mark off my list. Thanks Hubby! :thankyou:


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hi momX3:


welcome to our wonderful blog community. we both are practically same age though I am few months younger than you:). I am so happy that your hubby took you to the game. I will love to know more about you in our blogworld.


Asha (38 yo survivor)

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