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I'm Still Here

AZ Leah



Hi All: This will be quick because I just wrote a blog update and somehow it got lost. Boy does that p.... me off :Tantrum: To make a long story short we got back from vacation and in the midst of my trying to get back to "normal" and on track , our computer crashed :throw: This has been a month from H...... but I am surviving and am on-line altho everything is not as I am used to. The new office program I had to install looks like greek--give me the OLD stuff for this Old girl.


Anyway I will check in more later but right now I'm more than tired. (The blog that got lost , which I'm sure was my fault somehow, was pretty good I think!). It got lost when I tried to spell-check it and then had to download the spell checker ... and the rest is history.


Hope I can work out my schedule between have-to's and naps to check in more often.


Cherio and hugs to everyone, Leah :giggle:



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if it's not too much trouble then please write again. I enjoy reading your fun trips to carlsbad brings so many great memories.




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Hope you enjoyed your trip. It wipes you out, but it's worth it, by the time you get home you need another one!



You'll be an old pro at your new program in time.



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Glad your trip was great dear. Sorry to hear of computer problems. You will be a pro in no time with the new program. It is a shame you lost your blog entry. What I have done is to type my entry into my word processing program then copy and paste here into the blog community.


Get rested up and think about your next adventure - you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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