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Kyle Is Reading...




Hi Everyone


Just checked in on the Jay room and found a new post from Kyle's mom and here it is.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 1:50pm yesterday


Kyle continues his determination to walk and the left leg continues to get stronger. The right is a challenge and we all hope in time it will come. The right arm now is improving everyday. He enjoyed Mozza sticks the other day so his eating is really improving as well. This week he has begun to read and read Dr. Jennings book Locked IN Locked Out. This is the condition Kyle was to be in but he never was and we Thank God for that. Now beginning the Deadliest Catch book, this is good for him and his eyes. His road will be a very very long one but the Drs tell us he is on the right road and slow and steady.


Sound's like a great book to read Shawn (Dr. Jennings) has been there, done that and got the t shirt. (Locked in that is)


Well I have been doing some reading too and I have just finished the book "The Brain That Changes Itself". It is an amazing book about the ways that the brain has to repair itself and how they are now able to prove what was always thought to be only theory. I believe that anyone that has suffered a stroke, their families and caregivers need to place this book on their "MUST READ" list.


Till next post.


Smiles :)





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Gary, thank you for te update on our buddy Kyle. That is wonderful news on his progress.


Yep, many have the t-shirt huh but we keep forging onward as is Kyle.

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thanks for the update on Kyle I am waiting for the day Kyle updates us himself about his trials & tribulations. sounds like great books I will put hold on them in our librRY.




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Hi Donna and Asha


Thanks for your comments. Yes we do Donna. Ever onward and upward. (one little baby step at a time) But look bacjward and just see how far we have come.


Hope you enjoy the books Asha the one on how the brain changes itself is awesome.


I have recently met a couple of young CFA (come from away) ers that have quite an adventure going here on PEI and are blogging about it.


Check it out at http://www.whimfield.com


Catch ya both later


Smiles :)



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