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Teddy and the puddy cat's tail




Teddy and the puddy cat's tail


Last Sunday I took Teddy out for his afternoon walk a little early. I did not realize it was trick-or-treat for the children. Teddy enjoyed visiting with the children, especially the Mom's escorting the children. But the best time for Teddy was a room a few doors down the hall. The woman that lives there has a cat and the cat's tail was sticking out from underneath the door. Teddy made a run for the puddy cat's tail, but I was able to stop him before he grabbed it.

Even now, a few days later whenever Teddy goes down the hallway he sniffs under several doors, but especially the door where the cat lives. So far he hasn't seen the tail again, he still has to make sure.


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He's not saying I tawt I taw a puddy tat. He knows he saw one and he'll never forget it.

Can't blame him he was just trying to get in on the festivities. He thought it was a treat, but turned out to be a trick. He's determined now to get his Halloween beggar's share-afterall the rest of the kids did.

Have a happy halloween!


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