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I Walked Out

Aussie Ken



of the Hydrotherapy pool las Wednesday :Clap-Hands: . Last week after completing my hydrotherapy session i was waiting for pool attendent to come around and hoist me out of the pool as per usual. But i said to my therapist what if i walk out of the pool today. and she said why not, so we organised for my wife to take the pool wheelchair around to the steps and so holding on to the rail i was able to walk out of the pool. So i will be doing this feat weekly now. Then in about a months time i will walk into the pool.

then one day i hope to walk into the swim centre from the car.



hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween and that the elections go well next week.





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so happy for you keep on challenging yourself. you are lot stronger than you think you are. though challenge yourself with being safe.




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Champion, that's you mate!


Ken you ought to be proud of yourself, you have struggles so hard and now at last you are seeing results.


Good on you mate!



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