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I Fell Again




Today I was walking up stairs and I fell. Luckily, my boyfriend was right behind me so he helped me up. Ofcourse I fell on my left side so now my knee hurts and for a couple of seconds after I fell, I was limping. I lose my balance a lot. This didnt used to happen. I feel dizzy often like I am going to have a seizure and lose my balance a lot like I am going to fall. But remember the MRI and EEG showed that nothing is wrong with my brain so I dont know. This was my 2nd time falling since last uear and before last year I had not fell since 2003. I guess I have just been doing to much walking. I dont know.

I went to the doctor yesterday and the day before. The podiatrist gave me a cotton protector thing to put around my toe because he said my foot rubs my shoe causing damage to my toe. He also recommended that I get padding for my high arch since my foot flops over when I walk. The day before yesterday I went to the stomach doctor. Unfortunately, I have to get a colonoscopy. This means I have to drink gallons of nasty liquid and eat nothing for an entire day until my colon is completely empty then undergo a procedure where the doctor looks at my colon to check for polyps and stuff. I am dreading it but I guess its for the best.

Being on campus has kind of gotten back to normal lately. People are speaking to me again and being nice although there are still ignorant ones (as always). I have decided not to stress about grades. I am trying my best. I have come to the realization that I am not going to have a 4.0 anymore though. I am just thankful that I kept my 4.0 last year so if I get a couple of Bs, my gpa should remain high enough to keep my scholarship. I am really only worried about 2 classes. I might have to settle for a B in Biology because I just can not get it and in my other class I just might get a C because everyone fails the test. I actually got the highest grade on our last test which was an 81. I have a horrible instructor for that class.

Well thats about it. Please pray for my knee and my balance and my dizziness. and my grades!



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You definitely have my thoughts asnd prayers in all you do there gal. As we vnture out of our comfort zones and do more, there is a higher risk of injuries. The flip side is being a wall flower - which you are NOT. Thankfully your boyfriend was behind you. I'm sure that another angel would come to your rescue as well. To those who loook down at you - stare them in the eye, hold your chin high and smile that beautiful smile of yours.


A few months back I had my first colonoscopy. The prep was the worst part. Good luck.

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katrina, i too have you in my thoughts and prayers, i often think about you and how you are doing. donna is right and sometimes the connections in our brains don't always connect properly after a stroke. but it will someday, so NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. i find that when i am tired my affected leg does not take a step and follow through correctly either and i have caught myself many times from falling. so its just not you sweetheart. you are doing so much right now, maybe you were just extra tired. i'm glad your boyfriend was there to catch you. i hope your test goes well, those aren't the most appealing test but obviously it is needed. the prep is the worst of it. please keep those grades up too katrina, you have come so far. i understand the teacher part too, they can make or break you in a class. i wish you the best in all you do. stay safe and let us know how the test goes.

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Sorry to hear you fell. Sounds like a good guy behind you to pick you up if you fall- where he belongs.

Living on campus makes a world of difference socially and probably will be a big help with doing books too.

Can't help with the colonoscopy thing ~ haven't been that fun route yet. As the other ladies have said...the prep is probably worse than the test. On the upside a good flush has to be worth at least 2 or 3 pounds.

Good luck with the test, hope your knee feels better, and we still haven't seen pics of the cutie.


Maria :hug:

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hey Katrina:


you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel better with all your problems including knee,balance & grades. As far as grades are concerned do your best and don't sweat over small things. you know in larger scheme of life 4.0 or 3.5 does not matter.

I am sure for colonoscopy prep will b the worst part of the actual test.




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so glad to hear your fall was not serious. it is good if you can give yourself a break about grades. just do your best...which you are already doing....and you will keep a good gpa and your scholarship. school is about so much more than a grade...i hope you can come to enjoy the process of learning.

ah, the colonoscopy...been there and done that one. :( the test is a breeze but the prep is the pits. take care and be kind and patient with yourself.. kathy

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