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Our first snow




We had our first snow of the year today. So far it isn't much, maybe about an inch, but it is cold near 30 degrees. It has been fairly warm, but very windy for the past few days.

Teddy still looks for that cat's tail every time he walks down the hall, he stops to sniff under almost all of the doors, but especially the one where the cat lives.

Last night, I was on the patio and Teddy was in bed, one of the women working here came inorder to empty the trash. Altthogh Teddy knew her, he barked a few times and then jumped off the bed and laid down in front of the patio door, until the woman left.


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Was I naive enough to think Teddy might be fooled by that squirrel? Surely not Teddy he's way to smart, but the sweet taste of victory none the less. If he can get that squirrel, he'll get that cat yet and on to bigger conquests - the trash lady, so as Kathy said Teddy the Guard dog, who knew the other day you were witnessing such ferocity in the making.

Happy you're excited about the snow. We're having some intense storms, but it's still 60 degrees so only lots of rain and wind, works for me, I can do without the snow.


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