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The "P" Word

Susan M



Yes - I knew it was coming. Yesterday it came with the meeting set to discuss the next steps this Thursday. It has been 4 months with no movement on her right side. Though prepared (thanks to this website and a bit of reality) it still stung. I sat and chewed on the word for a while and then thought "ok, next step of the journey" (Actually I freaked out, cried a bit, had a glass of wine, prayed and then did the "ok" thing). So - here is the good news: She is making good gains in Speech and the therapist will continue to see her. Cognitive abilities are improving. There is hope - we have only just begun. What am I afraid of?: What does this mean for her copay and Medicaid? Will they move her to a different unit with different nurses and techs? How will she handle this? How will I handle this? Training staff - again (wonder if I can get paid for that). Will she ever regain her speech and use of her right side - I keep praying and hoping and believing. I am not good at the one day at a time thing. Actually I am really bad at it. Like Charles Barkley would say - "I am not a role model - I never intended to be. " Jackie - we have gotten this far in life. I know you do not want to be in this situation but we are in it together. One day at a time (I'm trying - and am getting better and have not plateaued - the "P" word - and even if I have I won't stop trying.)





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hey Susan:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. don't listen to P word. recovery continues on as long as we are alive. as long asJackie is alive & you both are there for each other. recovery won't stop. you both will adapt to new situation. I know it's hard to take "one day at a time"BS while in midst of it. but just remember things will not be same as today they bound to improve. life is rollercoaser ride there are ups & downs in it. hang in there during your down ride for coming up ride. I know this cause I am living proof. life is wonderful post stroke too.




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Yes the one day at a time is hard to cope with. You and Jackie are facing this together - teamwork. Recovery never EVER stops though it slows to a snail's pace. I am almost 4 years post amd I still see improvements albeit small ones.


Take one day at a time but look to the future -life goes on after stroke, just differently.

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