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Emergency Room




I had to take Tootie to the ER on 11.18 (Tuesday). The school nurse called my daughter and told her she thought Tootie might be having a TIA. The teacher initially called to say Tootie had a huge bowel movement at breakfast. The teacher thought Tootie may have had diarrhea. My daughter explained she had given Tootie a sublingual Fleets the previous night. Tootie has a lot of problems with constipation and we have tried everything; apparently this works.


Anyway, then the school called and said Tootie was drooling. Tootie was drooling so much they had to put a bib on her. The nurse said she attempted to get Tootie to smile and when Tootie finally smiled, the left side of her face seemed to be drooping.


I took Tootie to the ER and explained what happened and her history. We were in a room within 10 minutes. The ER doctor ordered a CT scan as well as a throat culture. He shared excessive drooling is sometimes associated with strep; so he wanted to swab Tootie



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I'm glad that all is ok for Tootie; what a scare for all of you.


I'm quite sure you will be addressing the 911 protocol issue next month.

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It was a scare Donna; especially for the school. They have no idea what Tootie has been through and how far she has come. Yep, we

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I'm sorry Taylor and your family had to go through such an ordeal. Schools and 911 is a notorious problem. I'm glad you are addressing it specifically with the administration at Taylor's school for her case. As you know her IEP should emphasize and make all whose supervision she falls under aware of her special needs.

I wouldn't get too crazy over what an ER radiologist thinks he's reading on a CAT scan. If it makes you guys feel better have it checked out further. I'm typing this with one hand because of the expertise of one who missed my massive aneurysm and said I had a sinus infection. So....


Maria :hug:

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elondie, what a scare for all involved. i am so thankful that our little tootie is ok. except for the food caught in her throat which could have been a major worry. i agree her food needs to chopped up or something so this doesn't happen again. i do hope you are able to find out about the anoxia. please keep us updated on how the tests go and how tootie is doing. she is our special little girl. love and hugs to both of you

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Thanks so much for replying to my blog. I know you are very busy so it really means a lot. I was so happy to read Baby Jake is now home.


I always try to feed Tootie food with a soft consistency; if I

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