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The great flood




Sat Nov 15 started as just a normal day. I took Teddy for a walk about 10:00 am. He returned just before 11:00. When we


approached the bldg, I could hear the fire alarm going off. Terry told me there was a broken water pipe down the hall


where I live, and I should go into the living room. I decided to stay outside, and soon the fire trucks started showing


up. It was a big mess I was told, and I could not go back to my room for maybe a week or two. At first, I would be


sharing another room, and Teddy would be seperated from Teddy. Fourtunatly, it was decided Teddy and I would go next


door, to the independent living part.

I finally moved in at about 4:30. The room was nice, but I had very little lights, TV, and very little else. Also,the


bed was so small I had seen caskets bigger than that bed, but at least you couldn't fall out of a casket.

I only had to go down the hall a short distance for meals.

Teddy was very upset, he even threw up several times. I did get a radio, some clothes and a couple of books.

As it turnded out, I wouldn't get much else.

The grab bars in the bathroom were not very safe,and I ended up falling down Sunday morning.

Nora and Kim did come over to walk Teddy while I was in exile. Teddy got better used to my new room.

I ended up reading O.J. Simpson's book about the murders. It was a strange book, and really was a confession by the



I listened to the radio quite a bit. I went 5 days without changing my underwair, and really never got used to the grab



Finally, on Thursday afternoon my room was ready and I was allowed to return from exile. My room was a mess, and it took


a long time getting to where I could live in it again. The main thing was getting my computer up. All of this was short


lived because on Friday afternoon the power went out in half of my room (along with my computer).

Finally, by Sunday things were back to near normal. I was able to take a shower.

This morning my power was finally restored, so all is going OK, for now.




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You and Teddy have definitely had enough excitement. Glad to hear all is back to normal for you and you are back with your "stuff" in your own surroundings.

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Sorry to hear of your stay in exile and your fall ~ glad you seem to be okay from that. Caskets may be bigger, but you still can't get out of them and you wear the underwear much longer than 5 days.

Happy to hear life is returning to normal for you and Teddy. He's a smart little character - you never mentioned he could talk is this new?

Maria :friends:

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hey doug,

glad you and teddy did not get swept away in the flood. i am happy to hear you are both back in you own bed and getting settled. hope you have a great thanksgiving! kathy

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hey Doug:


I am glad you both are back from your exile & settling into your old routine. perfect gift for thanksgiving.




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