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Dear School (poem)




Feelng overwhelmed with school, I decided to express myself through poetry

How could you do this to me?

No longer my friend

You've become my enemy

Remember when you were life to me?

Well lately you've been putting me down

How could you give me a C?

Because of you my life hasnt been the same

I walk to class with my head down.

I no longer look forward to going to class

I get my papers back with a frown.

You make things so difficult

How can I ever make my daddy proud?

You used to make me feel like I was on top of the world

Now I feel like Im below the ground

When things were going wrong

You were the only thing that went right

But you no longer comfort me

You only keep me up at night.

When Im stressed out

I cant turn to you anymore

You make things worse

Than they were before

Ive cheated on you with a thing called life

You were my first love

But you lost your spot.

I don



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it is good that you spoke to your folks about your grades. do you realize most people do not make it through school with a 4.0? there are many smart and successful men and women in the world who got Bs and Cs and even Ds in school. do your best.....academic probation does not occur because you got a few Cs.

as others have said, your worth as a person is not defined by a grade, tassle or cord. your worth, strength and goodness come from within. after school, in the work world, there are deadlines, bosses, evaluations and promotions to deal with. if you continue to only expect perfection in your performance at school you are setting yourself up for more difficulty and unhappiness in the work world. try to use your school years to learn the material you are taught and, even as important, learn to be kind to yourself. i wish you you and your family a happy thanksgiving....enjoy. kathy

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Sorry I didn't forget about you. The other morning as I was writing to you about your grades, I dropped a cup of coffee on my laptop and there went the entry to say the least.

To resign to going easier on yourself is easier said than done. Maybe just try to not see yourself through the eyes of others, but rather develop your own self image. If your classes are more difficult and you worked your butt off to get a 3.8 in them, that's still quite an accomplishment and one in which to be proud. You have no one else's expectations to measure up to but your own.

One of the hardest things about my stroke was the realization that I was no longer going to be able to be able to live up to perfection. After a lot of frustration and disappointment I finally came to the conclusion that part of it was because that was what I thought everyone always expected from me. I then decided I could spend a great deal of time and energy trying to compete with who I once was or I could be who I am now.

It might be time to let go of last year and set new goals for this year based on the classes you are now taking and their level of difficulty.An A- in honors English Lit is more than likely equivelant to an A in a freshman Lit class. That doesn't mean you should ever shoot for anything less than the stars or expect anything less of yourself than your personal best, but realize some things in life are going to be more difficult than others. So when you set your goals and expectations for them don't let others do that for you, do it for yourself and be realistic about it so you don't set youself up for self peceived failure. As long as you always do your best at all you do honey, you'll always be a winner.


I'm going to hit add reply now and hopefully this will go and my coffee will stay


Maria :friends:

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Beautiful poem dear. I am glad to hear you are listening to your cyber Aunties and trying not to be so critical of yourself. The harder you are on yourself the more stressed out you will be. Kathy is so so right. There are many successful and prominent people in the world who did not have a 4.0 GPA.


Enjoy your Holiday weekend and the chance to regroup.


We love you.

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I was so happy to see this blog listen to your cyber aunties they all have great advice & ton of wisdom not only by going to colllege but by living the life. trust me your grades or your school does not define you succesful or failure. It's all you. you have choice here. make a right choice.





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