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Happy Thanksgiving

AZ Leah



Hi All: Well my emotional roller coaster is coasting along a lot better right now. Most of what has changed is I found my positive attitude again. :D I still have my friggin' cold (it's not contagious any more) but I am "well" enough to drive with Jerry 50 min from home to take his 96 year old mom out to an old fashioned Thanksgiving buffet at her country club. I don't know if I want to live to be 96 but, if it happens, she is what I'd like to be like. She still lives in her own house, drives, does everything herself and doesn't call for help unless she needs to go to the dr. and have her eyes dilated! She dresses well, walks straight, takes no pills except vitamins and still can do cross word puzzles and give us sound advice!!


I am alive and a lot better than I was 2-1/2 years ago and can honestly say I am thankful for a lot of things, one of which is the strokeboard. Thanks everyone for being here for me.

Eat whatever you want as long as it doesn't create more medical problems! :Starvin:




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hi leah,

happy thanksgiving! your mom in law sounds like a pretty great gal. i am so glad to learn you are getting over the cold...even if it is still hanging on a bit. it is real easy to get down in the dumps when feeling sick from colds or flu. it is rather like adding insult to our daily living challenges. i know what a relief it can be when that roller coaster starts heading upwards! i still get the up and down post stroke ride, but i think, i really believe, that during the 6 months before i hit my 3 year mark the ride became a bit less bumpy.

have a great turkey day leah and i will be joining you in eating as i wish and what i want for today. :cheer: kathy

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Your Mom in Law sounds like the type of Mom in Law everyone hopes for. Glad to hear you are getting over the icky cold. Tis the season (especially here in the east lol). I had my flu shot on 11-11 and am waiting for the full effect to kick in so I do not catch the yucks my daughter brings home from school.


Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving to the max. I plan to eat all but within reason lol.

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Happy thanksgiving. I am glad you found your positive attitude back. whenever you feel bad remember you need to choose here whether to be happy or down. so choice is all yours. hope you have great thanksgiving & don't worry about eating you ar not eating that kind every day.




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