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hey Pete:


I never thought that way about my fears. Only thing I tell to myself whatever will happen in my life, after stroke I think I have strength within me to get through it.




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You are right. To talk about our fears out loud takes the wind out of the power than fear has over us. This is true about anything in our lives, even before stroke and definitely after. To talk about it and share helps us to learn from others ways to overcome fear so it doesn't eat us up.


Plus you then have the opportunity to work towards overcoming or reducing the likeliness that the fear will turn into a reality.


Thank you for discussing this - might be good material for one of our Sunday theme chats.

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hi pete,

wow! you really said it so very well. our fears only have the power we give them and saying something out loud can really help us to understand the emotion behind our fear. thanks. kathy

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If you have an "accident" while you are out you survive. Ray has had a few, we clean him up, either come home or find a quiet place where we can do that. I remember it is the disease, not the person, controlling what happens.


Other fears - waking up living and breathing is good but if you don't ????


As for more strokes - Ray has had five strokes 1990, 1999 (x2) 2001, 2005 and he is still here. Nearly 18 years since his first on 9th December 1990 when he was 47...life goes on.



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