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A Month Away...I don't Believe It!...




Hi again everyone,


I know, I know it's been over a month since I last posted news of Kyle here on my blog. Well today I am taking the time to update you on the entries from the J Room since I last posted way back in October 2008.


Here we go.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:56pm on October 30th, 2008

This has been a day that we never thought would come. Kyle got his feeding tube out today and now he is tube free. Everything went really well and we are all so happy today. Tears of joy not sadness today.


Darlene Jay wrote

at 9:17pm on November 18th, 2008

Kyle is continuing to make progress each day slow but on the right road. He now has internet in his room and enjoying being back on line. He made a trip to Tignish on the weekend and had a great time lots of laughs.

So even though it has been a month since my last post there have only two posted updates from Darlene.


It sounds like Kyle continues to progress and that is of course great news. My plans are to be in Charlottetown on Wednesday the 3rd of December as there is a workshop being given by the Heart and Stroke for caregivers dealing with the subject of finance.


If I can manage it I will try to get a visit to Kyle in and I haven't heard if Kyles mom and dad will be attending the workshop If they do then I will see them there.


So for now I will sign off. I will try to update you after the tenth when I am planning a second trip to Town to attend a meeting of a new group that is just getting organized. The Brain Injury Coalition of Prince Edward Island.


Thanks everyone for reading and till next post,


Smiles :)





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Gary, I am glad you can be an active advocate for stroke survivors in your community. As a caregiver I am often too busy with the day-to-day chores to attend meetings etc so I know that I have a great deal of knowledge that I COULD share wit h others but just don't have the time to go to meetings and seminars.


Thanks for the updates on Kyle. It is good to keep in touch with all that early struggle. I think to forget it is to let go of a valuable resousrce we might need again.





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Thank you thank you for the updat from the J-room. I was wondering how things were going. Perhaps in the near future we'll get the opportunity to speak directly to Kyle himself. That would be wonderful. Kyle is doing wonderfully. Hope you get to see his parents at your meeting on the 10th.


You keep so busy Gary. I do hope that others appreciate all your hard worek y6ou do in the stroke community. You are definitely appreciated here dear friend.

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Thank you Sue and Donna for your kind words I really do appreciate them as well as what everyone does here at Strokenet as well as in your communities.


Don't sell yourself short. There is such a need to share our experiences with others. To help them with whatever challenge that is confronting them. It is even a very valuable experience to attend a group meeting to hear what challenges others are being faced with and how they are finding their way through the minefield.


I received a very touching email today from a mother that I will share with you in a new post that I will do later tonight. (you just never know how and/or when you will touch someone in a way that gives you a special joy in your heart - The joy of giving)


Smiles :)



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