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Im here, thats all I can say




Id be dead given the choice but i guess the choice is not mine i made a promise i would not hurt myself .I only have part of my body and mind but have my word it might be slirred but its all i have left. so suffer i will.Try or care i cant promess i dont now . When it hurts to walk talk move your arm, leg ,neck or when you use the bathroom its a shuggle motervation is low. when before my 2nd stroke my wife said shes affraid to have sex. i realized im only a part of man that i was and the part whats left if your like me you'd wish you lost that part too. If I died tomorow they could not say i lost my life, i lost my life sept 30. now id mearly stop breathing



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I know you are in pain right now, and when you are in pain, it's hard to imagine this is not going to be forever. things going to change soon for better have faith in that. I too wished I did not survive the stroke. but I am here today to tell you I am happy that I survived & here to make a difference in lot of people's lives. & my making difference is begining with my own family, my community & my world.


just hang in there. remember things will not be same as today.




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My favorite movie of all time is Gone With the Wind (Yes I'm a lover of that era). The last line in the movie, said by Scarlotte was "After all, tomorrow is another day."



I live by that on my bad days.


Tomorrow is another day as is the one after that. Bart, you may not want to believe this right now with what you are experiencing but you and I as well as all of us here survived for a reason NOT as a punishment.


I learned to count my blessings daily for being permitted a second chance at life. Life does go on after stroke but we need to make it happen. Someone is not going to come and knock on my door and say "here, I have a life for you". I have to work at that myself and let all up to my Creator.

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