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My First Week Anniversary




Good Morning my friends, It is I, The Blog Queen :rolleyes: Getting rather sure of myself, now aren't I? Well, If I don't believe in myself, what good am I? I have decided I have the Blog, it doesn't have me.

First Subject at hand I shall write about.


Message Boards. These are essential to our recovery. We all have talents, we may have learned from life experiences, I know, God has given all of us gifts, talents, however you want to define them, so be it, But the point I am trying to make is this. People go to those boards for many reasons, maybe just to have someone they can pour their soul to, they are looking for answers, They need to hear recovery and yes, don't give up, whether they be a family members, friend, etc. So, please I challenge you to make a difference, Pay It Forward, People have asked me throughout my life, why do you give so much of yourself to your volunteer work, Because it is my mission, my passion, I could never give it up, it means to much to me. I still have a part of the Old Jan by getting it back.

Second: I would like to hear from my readers, viewers, I know you are there, I can feel it, What was the best part of your stroke? What was your defining moment? What is your view point of life since you are home, etc.

My defining moment was: Is:


How have you accepted your recovery? Is it still working, moving forward or are you at a standstill?

My defining moment isI need to get this weight off. I find it so hard as I can't exercise. I know, I exercise with my mouth running a mile a minute. With my Muscular Dystrophy my muscles have atrophed so badly. I am going to ask my Nuero if he would write me a RX for PT. Only problem I will have is finding someone to take me.

I think that is my main source of frustration, getting out and about. Would you please keep me in prayer about that.

I had a surprise call last evening. A friend from the past was coming down to my area to drop her son, Josh, off for a party and she called to ask if she could stop by. My hair was a mess, I was in my jamies, etc. The old days, I could care less, but my Stroke life It's not a picnic. But, I was happy I was getting company. She spoke of the old days and all the fun we had and all the adventures we did, etc. We must have spoken for hours. I was nodding off here and there but I told her it was a stroke thing. I asked her to just bear with me. The "I'm just listening" didn't pass her. Leslie was still the same, except she gained so much weight. She used to be a skinnie little thing but she wasn't anymore. Then I learned all about her life and the divorce and all that mess. She was shocked I wasn't getting any help from the county or such. She told me you were there when my Mom was dying and you granted her the last wish she had and you went out of your way for our family. She said now it is your turn for people who u gave to to give back to you. I explained to Leslie, that is not why I have done all that I have done in my lifetime that this was my mission, my ministry from GOD. She wouldn't take no for an answer. She said she will be coming back more often. I welcomed that .... it did do me a world of good hearing about the old times. She and my hubby went out for a smoke and she had a whole lot to say after that. I wish I could have been a lil fly on the the wall. Must have been one heck of a conversation, she said he needed a break, etc. all of which I have known for years, and then she said she is contacting her brothers to see if they could give back to me. I know this is a "God thing"as I define them. I know I need help, I know we need help, if Wayne could get a break, I think this house would be happier. You can't be together 24/7. I know that, these are his retirement years. The best moments in his life. They talked about that.

Well, gang, I am going to send this because I want to see if it is still working with me and not against me. I shall return. I have a lot to share with everyone. Hugs, Me



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great blog. I have learned so much post stroke about myself & life in general that I really don't view my stroke as bad thing. I actually view it as blessing. I was sleepwalking through my life without being happy. & I know ppl view then that I must be happy inside. but post stroke I am not sleepwalking my life & I am really happy versus people think how could be she happy in that state. but swear to God I am happiest now & thankful for stroke.




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Enjoyed your blog. For whatever reason, I have accepted my stroke. I never questioned why me. Every now and then I am a little envious when I see people walking normally and wonder if they ever stop to think how much goes into making walking go so smoothly. I'm still me, I just walk with a limp and much slower. Sometimes I fall but not as often as right after my stroke.

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Jan, for getting the weight off try water therapy if it is available in your area. The water supports your body and helps keep you upright when you walk.


If you are happy in yourself people will want to be with you and share your happiness, that is somehing I have found. If you can grin, chuckle, laugh the world will want to know why.


I try to keep as cheerful as I can and keep Ray engaged with the world and busy with activities as I think the stimulation of all you do keeps you mentally healthy too. Mind you I am the one who only has to DEAL with the stroke not to LIVE with it and I know that is a big difference.



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