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got home again




Went to er after my last blog. spent a few days. saw old friends and had meds. i feel better. i was not ready for the dirt nap. still not. i have a mission to help in rewriting the local hospitals stroke booket and get envolved their training classes for treating stroke patients. i worked at the hospital am an emt and i guess i care. if i can help someone else then all this makes sense dont it? if i cant cut my meat but can help someone else thats amazing. each one of us might seem to have a meaningless life but its not. we are here if only for each other. i believe we are not individules only a part of a community. hows that for a change. Is it the meds? not. i think its the lesson my dogs have tried to teach me since the first stroke.Just a part of the pack.


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Your blog is wonderful to read. I am so glad you will be getting involved to help other stroke survivors. We each have to hit our own low's sometimes; before we find our way back up.


Glad you are feeling better.


warmly, Bonnie

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