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Hand exersize




Yesterday I worked my hand pretty good. I exersized for hours. Today need to get an mri. Other then that. Ill read I got some high school age books from library. I used to love to read. Its work now. But takes me away. I am going to tape my my good hand up today. I guess I should type first. I hear my wife getting my pills ready. Im going to start my hand written diary today for speach again. No trying to be witty today. My wife is off and she makes me nervous dont know why, she is the one person I live for her she makes my life compleat. Maybe Im on edge Because I know I no longer can make her compleat. I was her knight now a patient Life sometimes gaves you a lousy hand but Im good my friend s hands worse she recovered from colan cancer now has lukimema, my hand wins, we need a new deal of cards. God tests us but pray He gives my friend a break. I know in my heart my shuggle will contnue till I learn His lesson Im pig headed and a slow learner. I know He has a plan for me. When I get there Ill be proud again. My wife Kelly cooked me breakfast got to go.



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hi bart,

i know i have said it before but you are not alone! you, and you and your wife are going through major changes right now. try to be patient with yourself. also, if you can try to talk with your wife about how you are feeling. ask her what she is feeling. there is a lot going on right now and you both may be scared so now is the time to communicate.

keep up the work on your hand....just don't overdo.....

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Try to remember you both are going through yours and her medical issues together. Your love for each other will carry you both during this rough time.


As Kathy said do not over do your hand exercises. Rome was not built in one day and neither is stroke recovery. Do what you can. The most important thing is to love each other and express that love.


(((hugs))) to you both.

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first year is hardest. both of you are getting used to this new curveball life has thrown at you. right now is the time to remember few things I told myself every day

1.you survived for a reason & not as punishment,

2. count your blessings every day

3. remember you have that inner strength within you to get through this period in your life

4. this is worst phase of your life & it can't go worse than this, so things has to improve

5. nothing stays same forever. change is law, better times are ahead

6. read biography of FDR, also another good book is I won't be broken by jerry white

7. make lemonade out of your lemons





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Just a word to encourage you Bart. You and Kelly will settle down into a comfortable relationship like Ray and I did. It is about companionship and not passion but that is okay. He has been in respite while I have just been at home catching up on things but I miss him. I took him out to our Christmas party for Lions last night and it was nice.


I am sure Kelly appreciates the efforts you make to get that hand back useful again. Sure it seems like pushing a pea up Mt Everest with your nose sometimes but time is relative when you have had a stroke and this year, next year, some day you will suddenly see that improvement so keep on keeping on.



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