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Time moves on....




Seems hard to believe that it has been close to two months since my last entry. A lot has happened during that time. On 11-15 we had the memorial service for Mom. The service was beautiful and emotional; there was a luncheon in the church hall following the service.


I held it together pretty much until the pianist sang and played Wind Beneath my Wings. Kristi was next to me, trying to keep me together but she too failed towards the end. Where I was sitting in the pew straight ahead of me was a portrait of Mom and her ashes. Kristi and I both were prepared to get up and speak but the priest never asked and the service concluded.


During the luncheon, her portrait stood on it's easel and Elvis music was played in the background. Mom loved Elvis and is probably following him around Heaven as I type this. When everyone was busy, I went by myself and read the poem I was going to recite during the service. Final closure will be when we spread Mom's and Angel's ashes in the spring.


My Bro and his kids sent us boxes of Mom's things to keep. Joe has many boxes at his house as well; I'm hoping to acquire some of her angels to add to my collection which can then be passed down to Kristi one day.


Thanksgiving was a quiet day spent with me and my girls here at home. Kristi had to work part of the day but was released early to be home with me and the furbabies. Family get togethers were canceled as many were fighting flu bugs. We had our own feast here as well as plenty of leftovers lol. I think I'm turkeyed out lol.


On December 9th I had to go for a mammogram retest of the left girl. Before the tech started, she showed me the previous shot and I could see the "suspicious" area. After the mammogram I had to have an ultrasound done. As a result of the ultrasound, I will be going on 12-30 for a needle biopsy of 2 questionable areas. I was told that approx 10% of women have to have the needle biopsy done. The doc who did the ultrasound said that the areas may be nothing but if there is something there it may be in the beginning stages. With my Mom just passing away from undiagnosed breast cancer no chances are being taken.


I'll admit, I am quite anxious but have got to remember to Let Go Let God. As Kristi will be home from school on Christmas break, she will be with me. My Bro is driving us to the hospital that day so I don't have to contend with medical transportation .


On 12-5 we attended my Bro's annual family/friends Christmas party. A good time was had by all as we did last year. I do think the Hurricanes were stronger this year than last as I did feel the effects quite profoundly. I had the same amount as I did last year but WOW. Wonder if my nephew spiked mine lol to see his Auntie get wasted. No hangover the next day so I survived it fine - better than my Bro did I might add. The food was great as was the DJ. I even danced to the family song "We are Family" with my Bro.


My niece, Taffy, used the opportunity of the party to raise money for MDA as she's participating in a MDA fund drive where she gets "arrested". Whatever monies she raises her employer will match. That night she received $240.


We're now getting ready for Christmas. The house is decorated - We received Mom's decorations so they are added to ours and the house is decked.


I probably will not have another entry until after the holidays and my biopsy so wishing you all Peace, Joy, Love and the best for 2009.


(((HUGS))) to my cyber family - I love you all so very much.


To each of you I give the following:


Message From Santa Claus

If it were in my powers,

I would bring peace and love,

To this world of ours,

But I don't have magic enough,

I can cross the sky,

and pass by the stars,

But I can't seem to stop,

Any of hatred's wars,

I see children on the street,

With no hope left,

in the eyes.

So many homeless people

with no where to sleep.

And my heart cries.

I can't give the things they need,

Oh But God I would try.

I'm only a fantasy,

that once took wings to fly,

Some are deceived,

by the gifts that money can buy,

But those who truly believe,

see the gift with the heart,

not with the eye,

I sometime stop and go to my knees,

and pause,

and I too always pray,

That we will find a end to wars,

and live in peace one day.

For all those who believe in me,

I will continue my cause,

Across the stars,

over the wars,

On Christmas Eve,

For the hearts that still believe,

In Santa Claus




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You are a busy little bee, aren't you? Your socializing sounds fun.


The poem reminds me of the praying Santa figurine. Have you seen it?


A Blessed Christmas to you and Kristi and purrs from Freddie to Crystal and Lily.



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i love the poem....a new year that brings peace would be a blessing! i am glad you are following up on that left girl.......i had a needle biopsy done after an ultra sound a few years ago. it was not painful and it turned out fine. now i will pray for the same for you.

it has been a tough year for you and i am glad you had a good thanksgiving and family party. enjoy the holiday! 2009 will be a good year. cheers! kathy

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you have been busy in your family parties. I am praying for your left girl & I am confident you will start 2009 with great cheers and big bang. could you please keep us updared about your biopsy results. it's good that you will have great family support going for a test. I am sure we wil have our prayer chain going on for you here that day.




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I love your new pic ~ that blue is you very pretty. Quite the social butterfly-good for you, you deserve to smile. Those hurricanes go down easy and you start to lose count, right about the same time all the songs the dj plays are your favorite.

I'm sorry you're having a scare with your mammogram results and am glad you are brave enough to follow up with the biopsy. You know I will keep you in my prayers dear friend that all will be fine.

Thanks for the great poem. Enjoy your Christmas with Kristi

I love you,


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Donna, your northern Christmas season is so different from ours but I've been there (I lived in England until I was seven) and know how difficult it is to travel in the snow.


You are a strong woman in so many ways and I admire the way you deal with the difficulties in life. I'll pray for you that this health scare you are facing at present is just a minor one.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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donna dear, you have had to deal with alot lately, but you get through them and come out smelling like a rose. i have faith that the biopsy will be a piece of cake for you. god has meant for you to be back home with your family and your loving daughter at your side. you and kristi are always in my prayers. i loved the message from S.C. too. i hope you both have a great christmas with family and friends. and your new year is filled with good health. happiness and peace and the lottery,LOL. i love you both very much.

love n hugs,


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Donna wish you all the best on the test you are haveing done . TELL EVERY ONE that im praying for you . god bless you for being a good friend to me . i fell that iv none you for ever hope every thing goes well . God bless and take care



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Donna: Just wanted to wish you and Kristie and blessed Christmas and know you both are in my prayers daily. I love you and am so blessed you are in my life. I love your new pic. Take care and enjoy. We have a wonderful 2009 coming our way. Uno, Dos, Trace... whoo hoooo

Love, Jan

God Bless

Believe in Miracles and SOAR

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I'm so glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself and having the tests done. You are in my prayers and I hope that all comes out well. Have a Happy New Year take care Sally

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