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Here it is Tuesday evening at 10:41pm. I am feeling frustrated. I know in the big scheme of things, it's probably a little inconvenience, however, in my situation, it is a big thing, at least to me it is. Since my BrainStem Stroke my only way to connect to the outside world and others is either by my computer or telephone. They have been such a lifeline for me and I am so appreciative of that fact. I was so looking forward to hosting my chat last evening. However, my computer had other plans. I tried everything to get in, but, the powers at be had other plans for me. OK, was this yet another trial of "patience"? Host Denny was to be there with me and I so looked forward to that. After rebooting my computer a few times, still nothing. It just wasn't meant to be. I have enjoyed getting to know other members. My computer is old and I am getting a new one that a dear friend, Bill, basically my adopted Brother, has been working on it for me. I called him today and explained my plight and he is making arrangements to come and pickup my recent computer and finish my new one and bring it to me. I am thinking I will miss the virtual party on Friday. I am greatful I still have my phone. Another disappointment is I didn't get to Weight Watchers tonight, another dang BrainStem Stroke deficit, not able to drive. get tired having to depend on others. During all this trial and tribulation I try to think of the positive aspects of my life. I try really hard to stay upbeat and kick the negative blues to the curb. I must admit, however, it has become a lil hard this week. I am in constant pain and I would give anything to not have this pain for even one day. Ok, half a day, alright, a few hours. :) I Wanted to let everyone know the reason I might not be around for a while. I want to let everyone know that my responsibilities as Monday evening Chat Host and Birthdays will be covered. Hopefully, I will be back better than ever. Please think positive thoughts and send me lots of positive energy.

The title of this entry is BELIEVE. That is what I try to do. I believe in miracles and SOAR. I need to stay in that frame of mind. I must keep working on me. I hope the same for all of you, a happy, healthy life. Let's seize the moment and reach heights we never thought we could. Life is right there for us to grasp, sorta like the brass ring. I wish each of you a wonderful holiday season. Lots of love, peace, serenity, HOPE, FAITH, LOVE.

Hopefully, talk to you soon.

Love n Hugs,



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as donna says, hang in there. the up and downs of life post stroke can test the best in us. try to stay in the moment and breathe! many of us understand the issue of daily life and pain....it is my unwanted companion too. if you are feeling increased pain, don't be brave but rather, call your doctor. get back with us as soon as you can. big hugs! kathy

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as donna says hang in there. in our life we constantly like to make plans & God laughs on our plans. in times like these remember they shall pass too. I know advice is easy to give but hard to follow. I have been trying to follow my own advice this week. we are all here & hope to catch you in your future chats but even I am also not able to login to chatrooms.







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Hi Jan, I like Asha's saying" Humans make plans and God laughs" It feels like that sometimes and that is Life. Even those who have not suffered a stroke have their plans dashed all the time. Hang in there. About Weight Watchers, good luck, I lost 110 pounds with them, lately I have gained 40 pounds back but I'm trying tolose it again. The trick is not to diet but to change the way we eat because when you go back to old ways, you gain back. Hope things will go better for you. All the best,



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jan, as others have said, you just have to get through each day as best we can. hang in there it will get better. life never goes as we want it to, some things we have no control over. so let bill fix your computer and it will be back before you know it. focus on losing the weight right now, you have a new computer to look forward too. DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY as the song goes, LOL. everything will work out. you just need to believe it will. i hope you have a better week with many things to look forward too.

love n hugs,


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