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christmas is hear again

Aussie Ken



Hi everybody, well we reach another christmas, once again it will be a quite time for me, just a family day at home.

My hydrotherapy is going great guns, for the past two weeks i have successfully walked into the hydro pool and have been walking out for the past six.

I actually was able to attempt a proper breat stroke this week and managed 2 laps across the pool as well as the deep water running who know i may get to the London Olympics yet.

My son finished his high school exams and received his results yesterday, he passed in all subjects. We also attended his schools presentation and he received 2 first placings, 3 sports awards, schools sportsman of the year.

I also had to present 2 awards on behalf of the Lions club so it was a busy night.


well everbody we would like to wish all Stroke members a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year


best wishes





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Ken, congratulate your son for us, he has done very well. Sportsman of the year is an awesome award so good for him. And good for you too, Ray never got as far as actually swimming, he was never game enough to take his feet off the ground so you have done very well too.


Christmas will be a bit noisier for us as we will have our two sons, daughter-in-law and Tori (7) Alex (2) and Oliver (1) here. I know the little boys will keep us awake Alex does everything at a full run and Oliver tries to keep up with him. I'll have to wait til Boxing day for the peace and quiet to happen here.


Best wishes to you and your family too from Ray and Sue on the lovely Central Coast.

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congratulations to both of you. I bet your son has gone after you in sportsmanship. wishing you very Merry christmas and Happy New year from chandra family




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