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let it it snow!




we are back in New England for sure! We are expecting our first nor'easter since our return from florida in January. The cold really increases my pain...but i have to admit i still get excited when mother nature shows off! I always have been a bit of a weather junkie and this is neat so close to christmas. Of course the merchants are probably upset with a blizzard occuring the last week-end before christmas. :yikes: maybe that means people don't need to buy more "stuff". Right after chat yesterday Barry and I went to Walmart to buy a snow shovel. We live in a condo with maintenance but he wants to be sure that snow around the house is taken care of. Anyhow, the place was mobbed! I went into my "deer in the headlights" mode and just wanted to leave. I simply cannot take all the stimulation of big stores. I do okay in our local drugstore if i have a small list, but for the most part I don't shop. Thank goodness for online businesses for gift giving purchases.


Now i have to go prepare my bird feeders and bird spa for the coming storm. I am going help Barry make soup and then I plan to finish painting and decorating three boxes to hold magical reindeer food for christmas eve. l am blessed to be back home with our kids this Christmas and also recently learned that New Jersey has a elf staff in residence. :)


Hope we don't loose power...better go check the battery supply! cheers! kathy




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Nor'easter, blackout, shovel, marginally high strung woman, not a great mix, but hey you're armed with carrots for the reindeer.They aren't really predicting high winds just heavy snow so the power should be okay. You are blessed to be back home and the snow actually makes for a nice added touch to make a picture perfect New England Christmas.

Maria :hug:

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Do reindeer eat carrots? I thought that was the Easter Bunny. Reindeer eat hay at our house.


I don't mind snow but I hate the wind, even though that is what makes the weather move. We have clear skies and cold temps today. I would like to see some snow for Christmas, but I don't think it will happen.


The holidays are more enjoyable when family is around. I am glad you will have that this year.


Merry Christmas!



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I'm hoping, in a way, fior a white Christmas. It has been 14 years since I've seen one. That was the one strange thing about living in the AZ dessert. Heck usually Christmas Day you could sometimes go swimming. I know the "snow birds" did lol.


We had heavy rain here today. If it had been cold enough to snow - YIKES we would have been snowed in for sure. Sunday they are calling for a wintry mix here. I know up north of me they were getting snow and freezing junk today.

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Guest lwisman


We have over a foot in the Chicago area and it has been terribly cold. My plan for this kind of weather is to stay inside. My sister did venture out this morning to the grocery store -- five minute drive.


Avoid all stores at this time of year if you can. Too many people. I did one year go to Target at 8am a week or so before Christmas and it was not too bad. Evenings and weekends are the worse.


Take care and keep warm!!

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