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Catching up before the Holidays...




Hello Everyone


I did make it in to see Kyle on the 10th when I was in Charlottetown for the monthly meeting of the Brain Injury Collision of PEI. It was a short visit just before lunch. He was all smiles and excited that we had heard from Garret's mom. He told me that they had sent an email to Garret but had not gotten a reply at that time.


Kyle had his nurse for the day with him and as Lunch was about to be served I didn't stay very long.


Oh yes and Kyle will be going home for Christmas for a couple of days and he is very excited about that. He is set up with the internet and I asked him to talk to me on the net.


As well Darlene (mom Jay) has posted a couple of posts on FaceBook so I will copy them here for all to read.



Darlene Jay wrote

at 10:40pm on December 4th, 2008

hello, kyle continues his road to recovery. Each day he gets stronger,he has gotten botox in his right leg again and seems to be making some difference. Told me he bent his knee a little today, this is good. He got high speed today and some excited to be back on line. There has been some changes to his eyes and this is good as well. He is coming home for Xmas and we are all so excited to have him home overnight. This is the best Christmas present we could get, to be able to see him sit at home and laugh and be with his family. He told me that he will walk by Christmas and we will believe and with alot ############ this just might happen.




Darlene Jay wrote

at 8:42pm on December 18th, 2008

Kyle is doing good. He is getting stronger each day and continues his journey to walk. He is getting excited to come home for Christmas as well as all of us. It will be so great to have all our family home it has been a very long time since we have all been together at home. As the days get closer and very busy we all want to wish our facebook family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009.



So that is the latest news from the Jay Room. We are all so happy that he is making such good progress.


See you all in 2009







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Gary, thanks for keeping us updated on Kyle. Darlene seems a very good mother and a great support for Kyle. I am sure she will be right beside her son through what may be a long recovery. I've known mothers like her and they are worth their weight in gold but as caregivers they need a lot of support to stop them from being burnt out.


Enjoy the festive season, I don't know if you celebrate it or not but however you spend it I wish you all the best, compliments of the season as the Irish say.


Thanks for your efforts in pointing us outside our own little worlds, we get hung up sometimes with our own small problems and need to be constantly reminded that others are struggling too.


(((Hugs))) from Sue..

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Thank you so much for keeping us posted on how Kyle and his dear family are doing. I wish them and you as well a very Merry Christmas. May Peace, Faith, Love and Joy but with all of you this Christmas and into 2009.




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thanks for the update. I get so excited to see Kyle's update. I am glad Kyle will be home for chistmas. such a wonderful present for whole family. having great family support is huge key in having great post stroke life. I wish you & all of your family & friends Merry Christmas & wonderful new year.




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Hi Sue, Donna and Asha


Thank you for your comments. I am just checking today as I have just received an email from Garrett's mom Eileen that I wanted to post So now I am off to do that.


Smiles :)



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