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I read the news today, oh boy




I was reading the morning newspaper and read something terribly shocking. It appears the old standby, VHS cassettes, will no longer be manufactured. My oh my, what am I to do. I guess I will have to just add them to my collection of 8 tracks. Woe is me. At least I wasn



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Guest lwisman


We have boxes of old VHS tapes. Most can still be used. At one time I taped quite a bit of stuff and then watched it later. When I had my new TV etc hooked up a year ago, the guy putting it together (it is too complicated a system for me to put together) looked at me very strangely when I said I wanted my VHS/DVD player connected. I don't tape anymore, but I do have tapes I still watch.


I do not have a DVR either. But, most anything I miss on TV is on the internet now.


It is amazing how fast technology moves ahead. I remember when I was a kid, we had 2 black and white stations, no tapes or DVD's.


Our weather is also getting warmer -- it's in the 20s today, but we are supposed to get more snow. But, the weather channedl said it would be 41 on Friday.

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