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Christmas is here!



Well, to all a Merry Christmas, may you enjoy your gifts and your givings to others. I'm just happy I stayed home where it's a bit safer. We had a freeway shooter on the loose in the Dallas area about 120 miles from me that killed a couple people. You will probably see it on the national news stations like CNN headline news.


I know they never once thought of not being here for Christmas. I stay home out of sight it's safer, I feel. When you go out to celebrate some fool with a gun or a knife wants to show out and cause havoc to the general public. Here we get so many domestic fights between husbands and wives, it's not funny, while they are out in public places, even restaurants.


Many of them kill or wound themselves to keep from going back to Iraq. Seems like every body in Texas got a gun without permits to carry them.



Well its time to keep tracking Santa!


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Fred, this morning at church we had a sermon on the incarnation, God is with us, in our pain and sorrow, in our happiness and joy. Some people are just blind to the joy that Christ and Christmas can bring.


We had our sons, daughter-in-law and grand daughter Tori, and grandsons Alex and Oliver here today. Those kids are so full of life, energy and promise. I pray for them everyday that they will live life right and seek to help others to do the same.


Enjoy your Christmas, think only on the good things and pray for all those who you know need prayer right now.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Merry Christmas to you and your family. We traveled for Christmas Eve to my Aunt's home where we all celebrated with her. Today we're traveling to other family about an hour away. The "loons" are always out. We just have to pray we're in the right place at the right time. One plus is a "green" Christmas for us. Will just be cold.


Enjoy your Christmas and the smiles on your granddaughter's face.

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Merry Christmas to you & your family. you know world is full of good people and bad people. There are so many act of kindness people do during these season which gets overshadowed by bad news since that's what local news channel talks more. I like to focus on good things in life




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