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The dogs, walking them,cleaning around the house




I got my leads for the dogs and I walked them last evening. Not easy but I did it. I swept the floors vacuumed washed dishes and..... Oh cleaned the porch. My arm is killing me. been killing me for a week Im sick of it. Somtimes I wish I died that day. I work at it to get better but as bills pile up and Im not working and I feel for my wife. She would have been free if I didnt start breathing again that day. Dont get me wrong I feel bad for her but shes stuck w/ me! Oh! crap I just got a headache. Oh! crap! again! I drove my truck yesterday. It started with starting it than moving it in the lot then driving it in town, I did fine! Im going to enter in the drag race at the track.Im gonna go I got a headache.



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