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I want to travel and visit others...Soon!




I don't make new year resolutions, predictions or plans for that matter, but, I'm sitting here at my trusted computer, where I was 5 years ago come 15 January, 2009, thinking how nice and relaxing it would be for me to drive myself and visit other members from stroke net.


Just the thoughts are relaxing this day with just days left in this year. So, my plans would be to leave Killeen drive into Houston, visit my 85 year old brother, then on to Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. All of this will happen while the gas is low and as the weather gets a little better.


I would like to continue up the east coast, how far it's unknown for now. I know Washington, DC will be over crowded from about January 16th for a week or so. It may be that my trip will end in Florida depending on the weather factor.


Anyway, I'd like to see as many members along the way as humanly possible just to say "hi and see how you are getting along." Those are big ideas with great rewards to show me I'm not alone in this stroke survivor recovery process.


Then my next adventure is to fly to Australia again now that so many members are there I really want to see plus the country too. I think it was Sue of OZ who said "look out she was driving again" well, I won't be driving while there, for me, it's on the wrong side of the road. My mind wouldn't accept that change.


In the meantime I will prepare my body for such a great travel and my pocket book to pay for it all. I thought about that yesterday while I was putting so much stuff at curbside to be picked up by the city collections truck that I could have had a garage sell. Most of it was picked up by people passing by in their cars before I could finish getting it all out.


Most of them wanted to know if I was leaving Texas, they see it every day here with the military coming and going for many reasons. My neighborhood has many For Sale or Rent signs in the yards because people are in and out so fast with the military movements and families of deceased members moving back home to be near their families.


Then there are many, many civilian contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan for the military who bought homes a while back, now their families desire to return to their home states too. And of course their houses just don't sell right away in today's market because the prices now are far below what they paid a few years ago. That would be like giving your house away with the price difference.


So, I may be contacting some of you living along my planned route about "meeting and visiting members" which I will post in that Forum at that time. That's my interesting thing to do for 2009. I still would not call it a plan or resolution, rather something I want to do, perhaps I'll feel a lots better about myself and be happy doing something I want to do being disabled.


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hi fred,

ah, did not know you are an armchair traveler these days. what a great idea! be sure to stop and stay with us here on cape cod.......we will treat you right! i hope the new year is a good one for you and your family and brings with it love, laughter and peace. cheers! kathy

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