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'Don't worry about the world coming to an end today...it's already tomorrow in Australia '


(Charles Schultz)


It is strange how much time we waste worrying about tomorrow - not necessarily the day after today - but all those days ahead of us still shrouded in mystery. I am one of the worst offenders as I am always worrying about what is to come, sometimes to the extent of spoiling my enjoyment of today. So one of my New Years resolutions will be: ENJOY TODAY.


Today is Tuesday but not craft day as everything is in recess until the second week in January. It is also not Lions dinner tonight - same reason. So after the shower nurse left I took Ray to visit Mum in her Dementia Lodge. She was sleepy today, apparently all the residents are after extra visitors came to the Lodge for Christmas and also last weekend as some family members made their annual pilgrimage to see Mum or Dad who is in the Lodge as part of their annual holiday trip back to the coast to join up with the remaining family in the familiar old places.


All the residents, I am told, are confused when unfamiliar faces and voices are around although people like me who come regularly just blend into the background. Also their routine breaks down as the volunteer groups are also off on their annual summer pilgrimage to friends and family and so no singers, no-one playing the organ or piano, no-one playing games or bringing in the pets as therapy dogs, just the silence and the boredom and shapeless day after shapeless day. Which is fine for those who are content to sit in a comfy chair and snooze but not so good for those who like to have their days filled with activities.


We left Mum and visited Ray's friend Claude and he caught us up with what he has been doing. He left the hostel on Christmas morning and went to friends for Christmas Day. The hostel allows people leave for up to 60 days per year to go wherever they want to go. I guess if you are able to go away for too long you don't really need to be there. That is why at that level you can still enjoy the company of family and friends whenever someone is able to pick you up and take you the places you need to go. I keep telling Ray it is not a prison, it is just a place where people who need extra care, more than can be provided by the person they live with, go to keep safe and well and enjoy a few extra years. Don't know if I have him convinced as yet, but I am working on it.


After spending some time with Claude we went over to the shopping centre and did some shopping. It was crowded, noisy with tourists, people aged from nought to ninety and more, but we managed. I always find some quiet spot for us to enjoy a cold drink, we always meet up with old friends and have a chat, we often this time of the year see people we haven't seen for a while, like we did today when we bumped into a couple who used to be involved in Scouts when our kids were young. It occupied twenty minutes or so catching up on their news.


This afternoon Ray is snoozing on his bed and I am here typing away. Trev has just come home from work, with a few bits and pieces from a stop at the shops, some veggie plants as he is experimenting with what will grow here right now and we just had a chat about his day and whether or not he is getting Friday off etc. He says he'll have a cold drink and may spend some time on his computer.


So why am I telling you all this? Because if you had asked me yesterday what was going to happen tomorrow I couldn't have told you all this.


But on the downside I got an email to say an acquaintance ( and email pal) lost her husband to cancer and dementia on Christmas Eve and her son just sent me the news, and in a phone call about ten minutes ago another friend's daughter told me her mum is back in hospital again, for a pacemaker operation this time. I guess every day will be a good news/bad news day.....






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great blog! i got that same charlie shultz in my email. as the year come to an end i find myself looking back like most people and i realize that much of my emotional energy goes into "what might happen if or when". something else to work on for me. thank you for re-pointing this out.

i hope the new year is good to you and your family. kathy

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We've got today - maybe. Even a second from now is in the future and we don't have crystal balls to see what will be.


Happy New Year to you dear friend. :Cheers:

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