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We made it to the end of another year!




Well, we made the year, and tomorrow is the dawn of yet another year, 2009, hope you all have much success and recovery through out the year. For me it's five big years on the 15th of January 2009. It doesn't seem that long but I guess time slips away when you are having fun.


Travel is on my mind for 2009, I hope I can put a viable plan into play that I can live with. It all depends on many factors of course like the cost of gas, cash flow, and my physical condition for travel, especially alone. My wife really don't want me to go very far away from home or her I guess.


My hope is to see some of the other stroke net family members. I traveled a little bit while with Walmart but not the big plans I had intended around the states. So now that I'm not working I'm itching to drive and use my scooter traveling just to see if I can do it myself.


I hope everyone gets to do the things you wanted to do for some time this year. Especially traveling by car since gas has gone down. We may not get a better chance than this year. The old adage is: Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. This is a history making year, a new President in office on January 20th, a day many of us thought we would never see in our lifetime.


I would love to be in Washington, DC but that expected crowd is way beyond my imagination of safety for me on a scooter. I hear the interstate highway will be closed down to make parking space for the thousands of tour buses. I envision a total chaos of people and vehicles. Can you imagine the vehicle accidents, even shootings are expected so it's not a place for the faint hearted like me.


I'm sure TV coverage from all angles will be available, that's good enough for me. Video will be available on the computers too so I won't miss a thing except the headaches of being there.


Well, I cleaned out my garage, got rid of "stuff" I had since my stroke and some things since hurricane Katrina when my in laws came to dodge the hurricane in New Orleans in 2005. I put out on the curb some things I no longer use like a couple hemi-walkers, bedside commode, high seat for a commode, a bath bench and several smaller items that was gone before I got it all put out by people passing by my house. So the city pick-up people won't have much to get but I'll be charged anyway for the pick up when it's outside your trash can.


Oh well it's a new year tomorrow, I can start to thinking about my taxes, will I owe or will I get a refund?



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I do hope you are able to do the traveling you wish to do in 2009. Would be super to meet face to face with our cyber family. Wishing you an early Happy Anniversary for 1-15-09 and many many more. My 4th is tomorrow, New Year's Day.


I'll be welcoming it in tonight with all my cyber family/friends here at Strokenet. We've come a long way haven't we.


Good for you getting rid of 'stuff" no longer needed - great feeling huh?


Wishing you a terrific 2009 dear friend. :beer: :friends:

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