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Good Riddance to 2008

Wesley H.



This is my first attempt at blogging and I'm not sure what I'm doing but here it goes..


"Good riddance to 2008!"


What a lousy year, let me recap:


March 2008: Had to fly to Kentucky...Dad in hospital and not doing well. Dad had Pacemaker put in and sent home. My family and I spent about a week there and then went back home.


May 2008: Wife ill with tonsillitis. they will need to come out; but not yet as the swelling needs to come down.


July 2008: Dad back in hospital; fly back to Kentucky to be at his bedside, was there when he passed on. Stayed for funeral; then back home to San Diego.


July 2008: Went to a home improvement store to pick up some items for a home project and debit card was denied for purchase. I found out that I had been a victim (not survivor in this instsnce)of identity theft and hackers had spent $1700 out of my checking account! It took a full month to get that mess straightened outand get reimbursed the stolen money.


August 2008: My wife gets her tonsils removed and she stays medicated and in bed.


August 2008: Sister-in-law came out from Kentucky to spend a week with us. This was a great time! However, on the day after she left to go home my wife and I took an afternoon bike ride. She blew out a tire on a turn and went down hard. Called 911 and ambulace took her to hosiptal where it was determined she had separated her shoulder.


One week later: My stroke!


September 2008: I am back home from hospital, my left side doesn't work...no arm or hand control and minimal leg control. Friends over for dinner. As my wife is walking them back to their car she trips and falls face first into the concrete driveway. All I can do is look at her lie there as I don't have the strenghth to help her get up.

Our friends help her up and there is a lot of blood on the ground...back to the E.R. where she gets checked out and get a CT scan. She is going to need stitches, but there is no serious damage,. As the doctor is giving her a shot into the cut cut next to her eye, I pass out and end up in the bed next to her.


October 2008: My truck decides it's time to have significant costly repairs. Dog gets hospitailzed due to diabetes and vets are not cheap! Dog gets diabetes back under control and gets to come home


Remainder of year relatively uneventful!


Lets hope that 2009 is better.













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I hear you loud and clear Wesley,, 2008 was probably not my worst year ever.. BUT definately not a great one. We will wish 2009 to be better, am Thankful to be alive. and thru 2008.


Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2009 (and for the dog too... we have one of ours on thyroid medication)


Best Wishes Bonnie

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Hi Wesley: 2008 wasn't a good year for me neither, but not as bad as the first year of my stroke (I stroke May 2006 & then a big one 2 weeks later)

Have you done rehab yet? Do as much as you can. I was paralyzed and all is working okay except for my left leg. I wish you an much improved 2009 and an improved you.



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Wesley, Where in Kentucky did you grow up ! I will pray that 2009 is a better year for you, my Gosh, you just had way to much to contend with. Oh well look at my blog for the new year. hope it helps.


Hugs from Kentucky.



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welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I can see you had tough 2008 year. but I like to view it as it could have been worst. wishing you happy, healthy & Prosperous New year. I realized there is nothing extraordinary in any day. I will take it even if they are ordinary & if everybody in our family is healthy & not in hospital. I viewed my 2004 stroke year was the worst year. now things are improving for me every day.




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