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Should be a quiet day

Wesley H.



It's rather quiet here in San Diego this morning. But, oh, was it noisy last night after Darren Sproles carried the football into the end zone and advanced the Chargers into the Divisional round of the AFC playoffs! You could hear car horns honking all over town! That was last night and this is today. I arose this morning, made a pot of coffee, sat down in front of my computer and read the Sports Columnists articles in the Inianapolis Star.The fan postings tended to amuse me as they normally do after the home team has experienced an unexpected loss. However, I'll give credit wher credit is due.. they were not nearly as brutal on the Colts as the Denver fans were on the Broncos after last weeks game!


Today should be a great day! Deb and I are having our good friends, Ed and Melanie, over to watch today's games and I am teaching Ed how to barbeque baby back pork ribs. Last night we cleaned, trimmed,and dry rubbed 4 racks of ribs and wrapped them in plastic wrap and placed them in the refrigerator to await today when they will spend about six hours basking in 250 degree heat out on the patio. When done, the meat will fall off of the bone! Add in some barbebue beans, fresh vegetables, and ice cold Sierra Nevada pale ale fresh from the keg, and this day has great potential.


Enjoy your day, as I intend to enjoy mine!



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Hey Wes. That was a great finish last night. Did you see the look on Peyton's face? I hope San Diego keeps winning.


Your ribs sound wonderful. We love baby backs.


And we have friends who live in San Diego who used to call us when we were having snow and would describe how they were sitting on their patio having a cool one. Unfortunately, she has had a couple of mild strokes and he has heart problems, so they aren't as active as they were. But San Diego does have the nicest climate. My brother chose to stay there (El Cajon) after his time in the Navy.



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Wish I was close enough to come for dinner! By the way this is your big sister.... When I read it I wasn't thinking that Mom was still logged in.

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