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Tis a "waiting game"




I sit here and wait for the biopsy results. On Tuesday the 30th I underwent the breast biopsy. Only one spot was biopsied as the doc could no longer find the other questionable area. There were 6 samplings taken of the one area. Results to be received Monday the 5th.


Just glad it's over and done with. What will be will be - ya know? Yeah, I know, I'm not my usual upbeat self. Been a bit melancholy these past few days.


There are definitely days when I cannot wait for my child to be 18 and then maybe, just maybe, the feuding will stop. That's another 2 years -will be both survive the time in between? Teenage years are tough to begin with for parents let alone being a disabled parent trying to cope. I have spoken with family but she is my responsibility not theirs so I need to be able to stay strong and tough as I did before stroke messed everything up. Can I remain strong, maintain my sanity and still love her? Where's my "crystal ball"?


After all, tomorrow is another day as Scarlett says.



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sending you lots of virtual hugs dear lady. My crystal ball says you have given her solid foundation in her younger years. so trust on them & let all her teenage immaturity roll off you. & remember good or bad this will change too. you are in my prayers for your biopsy results. tell Kristi she is my ideal child so better not ruin her image in my mind by disobeying her parent. I know for sure even with all teenage melodrama you have wonderful daughter & she will do great for both of you.






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I hate waiting, I am not good at it. I am glad you had the biopsy and have you in my prayers and warmest wishes that all is well.


Teenagers ... well I survived, but then I had not had a stroke. The hormones, wanting to be "grown up" testing the adult waters... uggh


in a few years you will look back on this, i'm not saying fondly, some things you will laugh at, and some things you will think.. how did I keep from killing her. These are memories.. and you will both grow closer.. somehow we survive.. teenage years. And some day she will understand.. she will have a little one.. And grandma will be saying... ah huh just like you.


hugs, Bonnie

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Guest lwisman


Waiting can be difficult. Don't fret too much until you have more to fret over. All you can do is take it one step at a time.


I had a breast biopsy a few years ago. Fortunately for me it was benign. Now I do not miss a mammogram. You don't realize how important they are until you have a lump.


Good luck. Let us know the outcome.

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Donna glad to hear that you had the biopsy done the waiting iis the hard part,but you have taking the big step forward. Know that you are in my paryers.

Remenber that as a mother right now you do not know a thing but that will change in time. You will make it thur the teenage years. God doesn't give you more than you can handle


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You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know the results on Monday.


I survived raising two daughters but I hadn't stroked at that time. The older one was easy but the younger one could definitely have her challenging days. She is 25 now and we are very close. She actually turned out to be my rock after the stroke.


Hang in there....those teenage years are challenging.



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teenagers... we all managed to get through them and so did our mom's even if it did cause a few more gray hairs...lol... my mom and I are soo close now it is amazing. I put her through some pretty rough times growing up.

You are in my thoughts andn prayers, let us know the results when you can.


hugs Anne

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hi donna,

easy for scarlett to say, she was not waiting for test results nor did she have a teenaged daughter. you do not have to be upbeat all the time...we are mere mortals you know. just remember we care about you deeply and we all are waiting to hear the test results.


hormones and teens....no one should have to deal with that....but i know you will handle it well.....just be kind to yourself ...no one parents perfectly, just like there are no perfect children. :friends kathy

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Donna i got good news . i got my afo fix an i can wear it again . An they said i was inproveing better than they thought i would . sorry i was not able to be in chat room a lot but they have me in therpy monday wed an thurdays at 1:oo my time . thought Uwqould like to know that . this makes me fill so good . i wont to just jump for joyyyyyyyyyyyyy .JO

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Donna, I pray your results are good. Im still waiting also.. Waiting is a killer. But the others are right, dont worry till there is something to worry about. I know I have been and then I think, wait, there may be nothing wrong thenI would have done all this worrying for nothing.

I had a friend that used to say, wht you think about you bring about. so dont think about it. ok



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donna, i know you might not believe this but you will get through the teenage teens with kristina. somedays you think you will not, looking back i don't think our own teenage years were a piece of cake either. its all part of life. her hormones are in an up swing, like it or not. she is testing the waters, like they all do. she knows right from wrong, so you taught her well. stay strong in your decision making. one day like bonnie said she will understand herself what parenting is all about. so hang in there girlfriend. it will get better. the results of the biopsy will also be ok, since i already know,LOL thank god our prayers were answered in keeping you well.

love n hugs.


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The Power of Prayer was once again proven - all was ok with the biopsy. I will need to have a repeat ultrasound completed in 6 months.


I know HE does not give us more than we can handle; however, the parenting part proves HE has a sense of humor.

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