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Oh!#% My arm dont move, #$#@me my leg! I cant




see! Im Falling Jason got me.Im hot! I cant breath. Im on the ground I cant talk ! &@@#$thanks Jason. I cant breath ...... Zora is in my mouth. Shes in my mouth cant breath! Wait whats going on. I cant feel my arm my leg ok oh&^% I cant feel my left side of my chest. STROKE! CVA! ##$ I cant believe it I in touble now. Wheres the ambu wheres the box! They keep asking me ##$ I cant answer! Cant see cant talk Im ##$ ed.In the box O2 I can breath. Running HOT its bad Im right CVA stroke scale. calling ascom I not good Proity 1 patient not good. Im beathing ok. Im in bad shape! Im ok Im in harford I hear Andrea Shes good thank God Hes there He got off the ambu with me. PLEASE KELLY! I need the drugs better I die then be this way! Thanks Kel Tpa.! I dont feel good That drug is killing me.... Im hurting getting tired so tired.... I cant do it..... I am to tired to beath sorry. I gave up cant do it..... Its calm here, Nice, I dont hurt ,calm.... who there with me???, calm?.Yes?....... I hear Adrea saying breath Bart Breath! come You can do it! BETTER GET KELLY! OH! $%# KELLY! I cant leave her! breath breath! I can do it. In out in out in out yes Andrea you said IN OUT IN OUT I got!! I feel a little better. Wait I feel Me foot! I can bend the right leg The left I got ... I see I dont know that I see. but I see. I hear Kelly !! Oh Kelly IM SORRY. Did I say something ? nmmgmkoomfbb.. God ___ it ... I said that! they were laughing said I was showing off. I cant feel my arm is it there? yes its gone Its here but dead. Im a mess a vegitable. This sucks! Andrea said Im stable Nice term! never good! sable is never good! going to shock trama ! not good! Kelly Im sorry! I"ts not your fault!" SHE ANSWERED! I TALKED! I cant see right did not know the eyes did this! This sucks! It seems its been my theme for while. How you get better? They cant be right. Written from memory. The place of calmness is in my thoughts alot. Could it be? I think so. I chose to say or did HE decide? I wonder? On bad days I wonder alot. It was calm, peaceful, why... ? Will I go back someday? <my thoughts at the time the Stroke monster took our lives>



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I don't remember my thoughts at the time stroke slammed into me. I recall what I was doing before. Always remember how far you have come since that day rather than where you still want to be. Stroke is quite the humbling experience; those that make it through it as you have have been given another chance - Hooray for all of us. Keep pluggin and know that you're not alone.

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Yes. Thats why I wrote this. I was aware of everything. That calm place when I gave up. I believe it was the pearlly gate, I know in my heart it was. He has a plan!

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